All guests must have a picture ID in order to use the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. CRWC members may sponsor a guest for the day($7.00 per visit). The sponsoring CRWC member must appear in person to verify their agreement to sponsor and non-student members are required to sign a UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT.

  • A daily guest pass costs $7 per day. Non CRWC member eligible for this pass: UH Faculty/Staff, and Alumni (all year long).
  • Weekly and Monthly passes are available as well at $25 for a week and $75 for a month.
  • A community non-member guest fee cost $8.00 per day, $25 for a week can be purchased between May 10th - Aug 20th, 2014.*
  • Structured programs such as the climbing facility have an additional charge. Please call Outdoor Adventure at 713-743-9512 for specific information on guest passes and eligibility.
  • *dates change annually

Program Registration

CRWC members must appear in person to register for an activity. Registration and payment must be made before the activity's scheduled deadline. Some activities do have non-CRWC member registrations, e.g. Aquatic programs, Personal Training, MasterSwim and Outdoor Adventure programs.