Aquatic Policies

Circle Swimming

What is it?

Circle swimming is what it says: swimming in a circle. In the United States, circle swimming goes counterclockwise: swim on the right side of the black line that runs down the middle of the lane. You will be on one side of the lane going down the pool, and the other side of the lane coming back. Think of the black line as a double yellow line in the middle of a road.

Pick an Appropriate Lane

Spend a minute surveying the pool before you jump in. Pick a lane where you will be about the same speed as those who are already in it. Circle swimming is a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about passing people (or being passed) every other lap.

Talk to Your Lane Mates

If you are joining a lane that already has two people in it, communicate clearly to both of them that they will need to circle swim before you start swimming! Even if there’s only one person in the lane and they are already splitting the lane, politely making your presence known is the safe and friendly thing to do. This can be as simple as dangling your feet in the water for a minute before jumping in. Becoming aware of the UH circle swim etiquette will make for a friendlier, stress free swim for everyone!

Stop at the Wall

When circle swimming, stopping in the middle of the pool is one of the best ways to end up in a collision. When you do stop at the wall, be aware of the swimmers coming behind you. Clear the middle of the lane for those who are going to continue swimming—tuck into one of the corners of the lane if you are going to rest at all.


If you need to pass, do so on the left hand side. If you are the slower swimmer and being overtaken at the turn, stop, and wait until the other swimmer has pushed o the wall. A pass must be initiated in time to over-take the slower swimmer before the wall. When using kick boards, please be aware of other swimmers in your lane and their needs to pass.

Swim Wear

Appropriate Swim attire for the aquatic facilities is a bathing suit with a liner. Spandex and sports bras do not constitute a swimsuit. The intent of enforcing a swim attire policy is to mantain a clean, safe and inviting environment for our patrons. Additional clothing can be worn over the swimsuit as determined by the individual and their comfort level and can include t-shirts, athletic shorts or pants. Jeans, khakis and any pants with grommets are not allowed.