game Day Parking

Game Day Parking

Football returns to the University of Houston campus this fall with the opening of the new TDECU Stadium! Seven home games are on the schedule, which means tens of thousands of visitors will descend on the area to root on the Cougars. Their arrival in their cars, trucks, vans and RVs will present special challenges to the UH community this fall, especially with the three games that will take place on a weekday.

Please be aware that parking and mobility across campus will be impacted, especially for the Thursday, Oct. 2 game.

Here on this web page you will find important information regarding the impact these games will have on the parking lots, parking garages and streets on campus. Please read it carefully and use it to help you adjust and make game days run as smoothly as possible. We encourage everyone to start planning now so you can lessen the impact it will have on you.

Make sure to check this page often, as details are subject to change.

If you are a Cougar football fan who is looking for information on where to park on game day, please visit this website.

Game day schedule

The seven home games on the schedule will take place on the following days. Please note that the highlighted games are anticipated to present the biggest challenge because they take place during the week:

  • Friday, Aug. 29 (vs. UTSA)
  • Saturday, Sept. 6 (vs. Grambling State)
  • Saturday, Sept. 20 (vs. UNLV)
  • Thursday, Oct. 2 (vs. UCF)
  • Friday, Oct. 17 (vs. Temple)
  • Saturday, Nov. 8 (vs. Tulane)
  • Saturday, Nov. 22 (vs. Tulsa)

Parking plan for the Thursday, Oct. 2 game

Please note that a comprehensive parking plan for the evening game on Thursday, Oct. 2, is still being developed. Check this website regularly for updates concerning parking arrangements on this day.

Stadium Parking Garage

For all Saturday home games, the faculty/staff, student and visitor entrances will be closed off at midnight the night before the game. Permit-holders who come to campus on those days will need to park in an alternative location.

For the two Friday evening games, the faculty/staff entrance will be closed at midnight. Faculty and staff who arrive for work on Friday morning can use the student entrance or visitor entrance and park in the student or visitor areas. Students will also use their entrance. The student entrance will then be closed off at 10 a.m. and the visitor entrance at noon. No more vehicles will be allowed to enter the garage after these times. Staff, faculty and students who are already parked in the garage will be allowed to remain there.

East Parking Garage

The East Parking Garage will be used for game day staff parking, more details to come.

Welcome Center Parking Garage

Faculty and staff will not be allowed to enter the second floor parking area after 4 p.m. on Friday game days. Those who arrive after 4 p.m. will be directed to park on the first floor. The visitor parking area will be closed to incoming vehicles at noon. For Saturday game days, the faculty/staff sections of the garage will be converted to cash parking four hours prior to kickoff.

Student Welcome Center Parking Garage

Students will not be allowed to enter the main entrance into the garage starting at noon on Friday game days. Those who arrive after that time will be directed to enter through Entrance 4 and park on the first floor if spaces are available. If not, they will be directed to alternative parking locations. The garage will be used as a cash lot starting four hours before game time. Students who have a permit who arrive when the garage is being used as a cash lot will be allowed to enter and will not be turned away. For Saturday game days, the garage will be converted to cash parking four hours prior to kickoff.

Surface parking lots

Surface lots 12A, 12B, 9B, 9C and half of 15C will be closed off at midnight the night before the Friday and Saturday games in preparation for their usage as donor game day parking areas. All vehicles must be removed from these lots by that time. Any vehicles remaining in the lots will be towed. Vehicles can be moved to lots 8A, 4A, 16D or 16G.

Lots 20A, 20C, 21B, 17A, 17B, 17C, 17D and the Leek Street lots will be converted into cash lots four hours before game time. Vehicles still in these lots after that time will not be towed.

Cougar Line shuttle service

The Cougar Line shuttle routes do not operate on Saturdays and thus will not be affected by Saturday games. For weekday games, the Outer Loop and Campus Loop routes will provide limited service and will stop running four hours prior to game time.

Alley Theatre

The Alley Theatre will be performing its entire 2014-2015 season on the UH campus at the Wortham Theatre while its downtown location undergoes renovations. There will be a performance of the play "The Old Friends" at 8 p.m. Aug. 29, which is the same evening UH plays its first home football game. Alley Theatre patrons will be directed to park in lots 16B, 16C and 16F via Elgin. These lots will be staffed by parking attendants and will not be available for people attending football games.

Cullen Boulevard closure

Cullen Boulevard's northbound and southbound lanes will be closed to all vehicular traffic from Holman Street to Cougar Place at 8 p.m. the night before game day and will re-open at midnight after the game is over.

Tips for students who need to get to class on game days

  1. Arrive earlier than on a regular class day.
  2. Become familiar with the game day map prior to coming to class on a game day.
  3. Enter campus through Spur 5.
  4. Use the Energy Research Park or the East Garage for easier parking.

Parking at the ERP

Students, faculty and staff can always park at the Energy Research Park, which has close to 800 parking spaces. The ERP is located at 5000 Gulf Freeway, about a mile from campus. The Cougar Line shuttle provides continuous service between the ERP parking lots and the University Center. On weekday game days, the ERP will be a good alternative for the UH community.


I live in Cougar Place and park my car in lot 12A. Can I just leave it there?

No. That parking lot will be used as a donor parking area during football games. You will need to move your vehicle by midnight the night before the game. If not, it will be towed. You can move your vehicle to lots 16D, 16G, 4A and the back half of 8A.

Will I have to pay to park in a cash lot if I am coming to campus to work or attend class?

As long as you have a valid campus permit to park in that particular lot, you will be allowed to enter without having to pay. Please note that this does NOT apply to lots that will be used for donor parking, including 9B, 9C, 12A, 15D, 15C and the Stadium Parking Garage.

My boyfriend always picks me up after class along Entrance 14. Will he be able to do that on a weekday game day?

No, he will not. Entrance 14 will not be accessible because Cullen Boulevard will be closed off from Holman to Cougar Place Drive on game days.

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