New faculty or staff members are required to visit the Parking & Transportation office to purchase a permit a soon as possible. You will have the choice of paying for your permit immediately or requesting payroll deduction. Payroll deductions are done monthly and will be taken from the first paycheck the individual receives for that month.

Current Faculty/Staff permits will have have the opportunity to re-register for a permit for the following year during our annual online registration period. Online registration typically runs from April through May and the permits are delivered to the departments in August. The registration website will be posted on our website during open registration.

Those that do not register on line will have to wait until August 1 to register in person at Parking and Transportation Services office and run the risk of losing their gated or reserved spaces.

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Economy Plus




Valid in all Ungated staff and student lots     P P P P
Available by semester     P P   P
Permit may be moved between vehicles P P P P P P
Hangs from rearview mirror     P P P P

Additional Information:

Faculty/Staff Economy Permit Valid only in Economy parking lots. Permit expires on August 31 of academic year issued.

Faculty/Staff Economy Plus Permit Allows you to park in any available student or staff parking space from 5pm to 7am and all day on weekends and University holidays (defined by the closing of University business offices). Must park in economy lots at all other times. Permit expires on August 31 of academic year issued.

Faculty/Staff Ungated Permit Valid in ungated lots as well as any student or economy lot. If purchased by the semester, the permit will expire on Dec. 31st (Fall Semester) or May 31st (Spring Semester).

Faculty/Staff Gated Permit Must be approved during the registration process. Approval is based on employee pay grade at the time of registration.  In addition to being valid in your assigned gated lot, this permit also allows you to park in all ungated, student and economy lots. Your gate card will only allow access into your assigned parking lot. A $10 access card replacement fee will be charged for each gate card that is reported lost or stolen.  If purchased by the semester, the permit will expire on Dec. 31st (Fall Semester) or Nov. 31st (Spring Semester).

Faculty/Staff Garage Permit - Vehicles displaying a faculty/staff garage permit must park on second floor. Annual permits expire on August 31 of the academic year issued and semester permit expire as follows; Fall December 31, Spring May 31, and Summer August 31 of academic year issued.

Faculty/Staff Reserved Employee must hold a position of Director or above. Incumbents have first option of renewal. Vacancies will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

Disabled Permit University employees who have a permanent or temporary disability and require a University disabled parking permit must go to the Center for Students with DisABILITIES (CSD), Room 100 of the CSD Building. They can be reached at 713-743-5400 (Voice), or 713-749-1527 (TTY). Please refer to the guidelines posted on their website at



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