University streets and parking lots are patrolled 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Violators of the parking rules and regulations can receive: warning citations, a University of Houston citation, or a Harris County citation. You are responsible for all citations issued to your vehicle or permit. Habitual or flagrant disregard of the rules and regulations is grounds for suspension of campus parking privileges or stronger action by the University.


If you receive a citation you can either pay the citation fee or appeal the citation. Parking violations V1–V7 fines will be reduced to half price if paid within 48 hours of issuance. The Security Enhancement Fee (SEF) is not included in the half price discount.

Citations may be paid on-line at, in person at the PTS office, at the Information Booths at Entrance 1 and Parking Lot 15G, or by mailing a check or money order (payable to the University of Houston), to: University of Houston, Parking and Transportation Services, 1 E Cullen Building, Houston, TX 77204-2007. DO NOT ENCLOSE CASH. Fees not paid within 21 days will double and are then turned over to the billing/receivable system for collection.

Parking Violations

Citations can be issued for any of the following violations:

V1. Failing to properly display a UH parking decal/permit. $10 + $1 SEF
V2. Parked in “No Parking” areas. $30 + $2 SEF
V3. Parked on a sidewalk, along curbs, or in a construction area. $20 + $1 SEF
V4. Parked overtime at a parking meter. $20 + $1 SEF
V5. Parked in a UH lot without a UH decal/permit. $50 + $3 SEF
V6. Violation of other regulations as described on citation. $20 + $1 SEF
V7. Parked in a lot without the proper decal/permit for that lot. $25 + $2 SEF
V8.* Parked in or blocking a driving lane. $20 + $1 SEF
V9.* Parked in a reserved space without the proper decal/permit. $60 + $4 SEF
V10.* Blocking a sidewalk, crosswalk or parking on the grass. $20 + $1 SEF
V11.* Parked in a fire zone. $60 + $4 SEF
V12.* Parked by a fire hydrant. $60 + $4 SEF
V13.* Parked in a handicapped zone without the proper decal/permit. $250 + $15 SEF
V14.* Parked in a tow-away zone. $50 + $3 SEF
V16.* Overtime in Loading/20-minute Zone $20 + $1 SEF
V17.* Tow fee. $80 + $5 SEF
V18.** Boot fee. $25 + $2 SEF

*Parking violations are subject to tow at owner’s expense

** Occasionally a boot violation is given without the boot being physically attached to the vehicle. This violation imposes the same $27 fine on the driver as the physical attachment of the boot carries.

B. Additional Violations
C1. Changing, damaging, or moving any UH traffic sign or signal, or
removing citations from cars. $ 15
C2. Disobeying traffic directions given by UHPD. $ 15
C3. Reporting false information on the decal/permit registration application
or any other parking document. $ 15
C4.**Altered/forged or the use of lost/stolen UH parking decals/permits. $ 100
plus the price of the permit.
C5. Failing to pay attention to traffic signs or barricades erected with the approval of the Director of Parking and Transportation and/or the UHDPS chief. $ 15
C6. Self-removal, damage, or theft of a booting device. $ 300

**Violators may be subject to criminal prosecution in accordance with Article 37.10 of the Texas Penal Code.

Citations V1 through V16 will be assessed a Security Enhancement Fee (SEF) of approximately 2%.


The University reserves the right to tow/boot any illegally parked vehicle or vehicles with excessive unpaid citations. Vehicles are towed to an on campus tow lot located in parking lot 12A. In addition to the above mentioned tow fee a $2 per day storage fee will be assessed commencing the second day the vehicle is maintained in the tow lot. Valid vehicle registration must be presented before a vehicle is released.

Cars are subject to towing for the following reasons:
1. Violations V8- V16 listed above.
2. If vehicle is deemed abandoned. Vehicles parked on UH property for more than 30 days without moving are considered abandoned (even if a valid permit is displayed).
3. If a motor home, trailer, or boat is parked overnight on UH property without prior permission from Parking and Transportation Services.


Self removal, damage, or theft of a boot device while attached to a vehicle will result in a $300 fine regardless of the extent of damage or recovery of the device. UH is not liable for any damage caused by someone driving off with the boot attached or any attempted to self remove. Booted vehicles not claimed by 8 p.m. will be relocated to the tow lot and the tow fee will replace the boot fee.

Visitors are required to pay all fees applicable to booting, towing, citation(s), and storage before the release of their vehicle. Towed/booted vehicles should contact UHDPS-Parking Enforcement Division at 713-743-5849.

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