Vanpool Guide

Search and register with an existing van pool using the VPSI, Inc ., search engine.  Or search for a vanpool organized by UH community here.

Form your own van pool in 10 steps:

1. Call VPSI at 1-800-VANRIDE
2. Determine your route and basic monthly expenses.
3. Advertise route and recruit riders. Feel free to use the Parking and Transportation Bulletin Board as a way to communicate with potential riders. To start a van pool you must have five riders. Each rider has to ride the van 12 days in the month to receive the Metro Subsidy of $35.
4. Identify primary and back-up drivers. Qualify drivers by completing driver and back-up driver paperwork with VPSI
5. Select your vanpool vehicle.
6. Establish van pool ground rules and sign up riders for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program.
7. Set policies and payment for each rider’s share of the cost.
8. Hold a group meeting.
9. Select start date and collect first month’s payment.
10. Get in the van…and go!

What happens if I need to drive to campus instead of riding in the van pool?
You can purchase a day parking permit at the Visitor Information booth, park in one of the UH Parking Garages and pay the guest fee, or park in one of the free lots located at Rosewood and Scott Street and the Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church parking lot (on Wheeler across from the UHDPS station) and ride in to the office in the free UH Parking Shuttle.

Please feel free to contact a University Services customer service representative at 713.743.5723 for assistance in this process.

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