Cougar Line


On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=poor and 5=excellent), please rate our bus drivers in the following areas:

Our Drivers
 Arrival time to your stop   1   2 
 Promptness to pickups throughout route   1   2 
 Driver appearance (neat, well groomed, in uniform)   1   2 
 Driverís driving ability (cautious and competent)   1   2 
 Driverís attitude (friendly, positive and professional)   1   2 
 Driverís route knowledge (stops, areas/buildings served)   1   2 
 Overall how were you satisfied with the driver?   1   2 
Did the driver request for you to swipe your Cougar Card?   Yes    No  

Comfort & Cleanliness

 Comfort   1   2 
 Cleanliness   1   2 
 Available Seating   1   2 
 Radio volume level   1   2 
 Was the audio on an appropriate radio station?   Yes    No
 Do you use NextBus to track arrival times?   Yes    No  


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