Welcome to Psi Chi and Psychology Club
At the University of Houston

Last Updated - 9.14.2016

  • Hello, and thank you for your interest in Psi Chi and Psychology Club at the University of Houston! As we are currently in the process of updating our webpage, we invite you to visit our blog at psichiuofh.blogspot.com for more up to date information.
Mission Statement:

An honor society is an organization at the college level that acknowledges students who have excelled academically, usually within a specific field. Unlike fraternities, sororities, and other social clubs, members of an honor society come together and share common interests and high attainments. An effective honor society accomplishes several thinks including: 1) recognizes exceptional academic performance, 2) enhances and strengthens the educational experience, and 3) provides guidance for future career goals. Finally, an important strength of any organization is the effective development of leadership skills. As members of an honor society, students represent not only a specific discipline, but the university as well. As members, students serve as role models and as such have the responsibility of continuing to strive for academic excellence and to encourage exploration and critical thought.

Psi Chi is a national honor society for those students preparing for a career in psychology, law, medicine or other related fields that wish to enhance their college experience and network with others within their respective fields. Psi Chi provides opportunities to get to know other students in their field and encourages them to work together towards a common goal of furthering the community of psychology both on campus and within the field of psychology. Psi Chi, as the national honor society in psychology, has an obligation to present its members with an array of academically stimulating opportunities with the goal of acquisition of knowledge about and advancement of the discipline of psychology. In an effort to meet this challenge, Psi Chi (University of Houston) will challenge its members and non members alike to think critically, develop a high level of social consciousness, and embark on a lifelong journey of learning through research and human interaction. It is the goal of our chapter to challenge students to explore the unexplored, to continually challenge themselves and their peers to make a difference and to serve Psi Chi, the university, and the field of psychology with the utmost passion and integrity.

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