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Postdoctoral Fellows at UH

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Welcome to the Postdoctoral Fellows Association at the University of Houston. The purpose of the association is to establish a network of support for postdocs who may be new to the City of Houston and to research positions at the University of Houston. The association was created to connect new postdocs with UH faculty, alumni, and researchers to enhance funding opportunities, interdisciplinary research, and professional development. 

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About Us

The Postdoctoral Fellows Association (PFA) is formed by current postdoc researchers at the University of Houston and is aimed to create a platform for:

  • Funding Opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Networking

The PFA is committed to addressing the different needs of postdoc researchers through a variety of opportunities by connecting to university resources such as the career center, the Division of Research, and the Office of the Provost.  The PFA advocates for the needs of postdocs and supports interdisciplinary research opportunities. The association connects postdocs to UH alumni and leaders in industry and academia, creates opportunities for adjunct teaching as well as provides training in grant writing and project development. 


The Office of the Provost offers two awards to eligible postdocs, the Postdoctoral Travel Award and the Postdoctoral Career Enhancement Award.

Postdoctoral Travel Award

The Postdoctoral Travel Award is designed to help the University of Houston's postdoctoral fellows, scholars, and researchers enhance their professional development and increase the visibility of the institution by supporting travel to present the results of their research or creative activity at meetings with a national or international audience.

Postdoctoral Career Enhancement Award

The Postdoctoral Career Enhancement Award is designed to help the University of Houston's postdoctoral fellows, scholars, and researchers enhance their professional development. The award will support registration and/or travel for internships, extramural courses (e.g. NIH, etc.) to learn new skills, and visiting laboratories to conduct collaborative studies.


As we gather more information about the postdoctoral fellows within our UH community, their biographies and information will be posted here. If you have a biography you'd like to submit, please contact us at

Career Resources

The Postdoc Fellows Association has compiled career resource links to provide access to information and websites for job opportunities, grant resources, and professional development.  Click on any of the links below to access more information. If you know of additional sources that you would like to have posted to this page, contact us at

Job Opportunities at UH

Grant Opportunities

Professional Development Resources