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Verification of Completion



(1) Global Courses

Minor in an approved global/cultural program?

If yes:

Complete two upper-level global courses or complete an international or global studies minor. Indicate the upper-level global courses you are taking or plan to take:


(2) Learning Abroad

Did you participate in a learning abroad program?

Learning Abroad Location:

Learning Abroad Length: (ie: 2 months)

If no, contact the Learning Abroad office for options that best suit your interests in studying abroad.

(3) Language Proficiency

Complete two foreign language courses taken either at UH or where UH credit is awarded ; or UH foreign language minor, language placement tests, or evaluation by a UH faculty member.

Minor in a Foreign Language?

If yes:

Have you taken a placement test or proficiency exam for a Foreign Language?

If yes, please upload proof of your evaluation.

If no, what Foreign Language courses are you currently taking or have taken?

(4) Global Scholary Work

Attend or participate in a conference, seminar, symposia, or workshop that involves a global dimension. Name, place and date of event attended or participated:

Did you author or co-author a scholarly work?

If yes, please upload an electronic copy of such scholarly work along with proof of your attendance.

(5) Intercultural Activities

Participate in at least one session, seminar, or workshop event listed under UH Global or hold a leadership role in an on/off campus international organization.

What inter cultural/ethnic event(s) have you participated in or been involved with? Ex: International Education Week, Phi Beta Delta events, Carnival of Cultures, etc.

Name on/off campus international organizations where you currently hold or have held a leadership role.

(6) Capstone Symposium

Attend a Capstone Symposium once you have completed the minimum number of points required to earn the GCC.

Did you attend the Capstone Symposium?

It is the students responsibility to submit all required documentation to UH Global before their graduation date in order to get their Global Citizen Credential .

If you have any questions please call (713 )743-8665 or email .