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Creation of a New Academic College/School

To create a new academic unit/department and secure the necessary authorizations and approvals, please follow and review each of the five steps below:

Step One: Notification Memo

  • Complete a Notification Memo, which must include all relevant CIP Codes. The Notification Memo is to come from the individual who is authorizing or is designated as the individual who is responsible for the creation of the unit/department.
  • The Notification Memo is to be addressed to the Provost.
  • In all instances, the Notification Memo is to Cc the Vice Provost for Academic Programs. For graduate-level proposals, Cc the Vice Provost and Graduate Dean and Chair of the Graduate Professional Studies Committee (GPSC), and for undergraduate-level proposals, Cc the Vice Provost for Student Success and the Chair of the Undergraduate Committee (UC).
  • Use the Notification Memo from the Dean to the Provost Model-Template as a guide for writing the Notification Memo. Please note, a Notification Memo includes: 1. A clearly stated and succinct request, 2. Nature and rationale/justification for the request, 3. Statement about budget implications, 4. A faculty contact and phone, and 5. References/citations, which may support the rational/justification for the request. In addition:
    • Ensure that the Notification Memo is initialed by the authorizing individual,
    • Ensure that the Notification Memo is on official letterhead.
    • Submit Notification Letter via interdepartmental mail or hand-deliver the Notification Memo to Academic Programs to the Vice Provost for Academic Programs.
    • Notification Memos that are missing an authorized signature or initials will be returned.
    • Notification Memos that are not on letterhead will be returned to the unit.
    • Notification Memos that are copies, as opposed to originals, will be returned.

Step Two: Complete the Following Two THECB Forms

Step Three: GPSC and/or UC Notification

  • Following the receipt of the Notification Memo by the Vice Provost for Academic Programs, the request to create the new academic unit/department will be placed in the Academic Programs Tracking System to ensure that the request is tracked throughout the authorization process with weekly updates on the status of the request. Note: The weekly updates on the status of all academic programs on the University of Houston campus are e-mailed each Friday to all College Business Administrators.
  • The GPSC and/or UC will be notified about the proposal to create the new academic unit/department.

Step Four: Provost Review

  • After Provost approval, Academic Programs will submit the THECB form into the THECB portal for THECB review and approval.

Step Five: Notification to Dean and Relevant On-Campus Parties of THECB Acknowledgement Letter

  • Following approval by the THECB, Academic Programs will notify the individual who submitted the proposal to establish the new academic unit/department.
  • Academic Programs will also ensure that the Dean is supplied (for the record) copies of all signed documents that led to the THECB approval (i.e., the original Notification Memo with Provost signature sign-off, the two THECB completed forms, which requested the establishment of the new academic unit/department, and the THECB letter, which comes from the THECB Commissioner).
  • Following notification to the Dean, Academic Programs will notify appropriate on-campus parties (i.e., Institutional Research, Office of the Registrar, Institutional Effectiveness, etc.) to help ensure that the new unit/department is coded appropriately in all UH data systems. These parties will also be provided with a copy of the Notification Memo that documents the Provost signature on said memo, as well as the two THECB forms to make the request, and the THECB letter, which comes from the THECB Commissioner.