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Cub Camp

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2017 Camp Dates: August 14-16

Cub Camp is a supplemental first year transition program designed to bridge the gap between initial course enrollment and the beginning of the first fall semester. Students engage in purposeful activities that allow for a deeper understanding of UH culture and tradition, promote successful transition into college life, and identify and cultivate vital support systems.

Join us for this opportunity that helps you build your new UH community before you ever arrive on campus. For three days and two nights, you along with other incoming students and upperclassmen leaders will head to an off-campus retreat center and learn more about UH, its traditions, and your new UH family. Filled with fun activities, student success tips, and new friendships, Cub Camp is one event that you definitely do not want to miss!

During the three days of Cub Camp, you will be placed into a camp led by 2 co-chairs and 10 counselors, who are all current students at the University of Houston. Each camp is named after an individual who has impacted UH and given one of the five Cub Camp colors. Within your camp, you will then be separated into a smaller discussion groups, or DG, led by 2 of the 10 counselors. The DG will provide you with a support system that will last through your entire college career at UH.

Core Values


Our spirit is rooted in the pride we have for UH’s academic excellence, its emerging culture of campus involvement, student success resources and traditions. Cub Camp staff and counselors are leaders who serve as ambassadors for the University of Houston. We seek to embody the spirit of our institution as we introduce the mission of the university to new COOGS. It is important that through our actions we show our dedication and respect to this university, each other and new COOGS.


It is the responsibility of Cub Camp to introduce our institutional traditions, which include an important legacy of equality and access, to new COOGS. It is our resolve to create an environment at camp that allows new COOGS to explore our traditions and find a way to connect to something larger than themselves.


We desire unity not uniformity. Cub Camp strives to create an unconditionally inclusive environment at Camp which celebrates the diversity of our institution and brings the entering freshman class closer together. The unity we seek to create is one in which new COOGS share a common understanding of cultural competencies.


Personal growth and leadership go hand-in-hand. Cub Camp, as an organization works to develop the counselors and staff by providing them with a multitude of responsibilities. New COOGS are asked to step out of their comfort zone from the moment they arrive at Check-In until they come back to Houston on the bus. Whether you are a counselor or a new COOG, you will be provided with opportunities to bond, share, work and encourage, all the while learning valuable leadership and social skills. As a result, all those involved with Cub Camp will understand how to develop relationships and networks of support that aid in their success at the University of Houston.


Nominate a Namesake Now!

The freshmen attending Cub Camp are divided up into 5 camps (green, yellow, purple, blue, and black) and each camp is led by two student Co-Chairs and ten student Counselors. Every camp is then named after a University of Houston faculty, staff, or alumnus who has positively impacted students' success for students. Namesakes have the opportunity to interact with and impact student camp staff and incoming freshman students in their camp over the course of the year and attend camp in August! Current students or members of the UH community may nominate a faculty member, staff member or alumnus as a way to honor the passion and dedication these individuals have for the Red and White! Current undergraduate and graduate students cannot be included for consideration. The Cub Camp Leadership Team will review nominations and make Camp Namesake selections.

2017 Namesakes:

Leanica Adams | Jeronimo Cortina | Jeff Fuller | Teri Longacre | Rebeca Trevino

2016 Namesakes:

Danny Arocha | Ann Oliver Cheek | Malachi Crawford | Jared Gogets

2015 Namesakes:

Cedric Bandoh | Jay Neal | Joe Pratt | Paula Myrick Short

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