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"Three-peat" Rule

August 4, 2015

A summary of the Three-peat Rule

Based on legislation authorized by the State of Texas, there are regulations concerning tuition charges pertaining to a limit on repeated hours of attempted courses for Texas resident undergraduates at Texas public institutions.

With only limited exceptions, Texas-resident undergraduate students who attempt a course with the same content for a third or more times will be charged a premium tuition rate for those credit hours.

"Attempted" hours are defined as all hours for which the student was enrolled at the end of the Official Reporting Day (or "ORD"), regardless of whether or not the student dropped the class after that date.

The ORD is normally the twelfth class day in the spring and fall semesters, and the fourth class day in the summer semesters. This landmark date is indicated on the Academic Calendar.

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Exceptions to the Rule

Some courses are designed for repeated enrollment, such as:

  • Thesis and dissertation courses.  
  • Courses that may be repeated for credit because they involve different or more advanced course content each time they are taken, including but not limited to, individual music lessons, Workforce Education Course Manual Special Topics courses (when the topic changes), theater practicum, music performance, ensembles, certain physical education and kinesiology courses, and studio art.  
  • Independent study courses.  
  • Special topics and seminar courses.  
  • Developmental Education coursework taken for a third or more times if the coursework is within the 18-hour limit at general academic institutions.

These courses are thereby exempt from the three-peat rule.

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An example

A student might enroll in a course, drop the course after the ORD, and earn a "W" grade. During a subsequent semester this student enrolls again in the same course, but again withdraws after the ORD. The next time the student enrolls in this course, he or she will be charged the premium tuition rate for those hours.

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Questions you may have about the three-peat policy

  1. What if I withdraw from a course before the ORD?
    Courses dropped prior to ORD will not count towards the three-peat cap.    
  2. How will I know when the ORD is?
    The current Official Reporting Day is always indicated in the UH Academic Calendar, on line at:
  3. How do I find an academic advisor to discuss my specific situation?
    Contact the college of your major. Students who have not yet declared a major, or who may be changing majors, may talk to an advisor at Exploratory Studies in Cougar Village II North, in room N140, 832-842-2100.

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*** Please Note! ***

You must drop a course prior to the close of the Official Reporting Day (ORD) or that course will still count towards the three-peat rule. Check the Academic Calendar to find the current ORD.

UH Class Schedule On Line: collected links to Enrollment Services Online, Office of the University Registrar (OUR), VIP, more.

Undergraduate Catalog On Line: provides information about the three-peat policy, other University policies, course descriptions, degree plans, the Academic Calendar, more.

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Review the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Rules and Regulations

Review the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Rules and Regulations
(Chapter 13 - Financial Planning; Subchapter F: Formula Funding And Tuition Charges For Repeated And Excess Hours Of Undergraduate Students)

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