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Undergraduate Academic Advising

Academic advising is every student's best source of information about academic programs and procedures at the University of Houston. Academic advising services are a vital aspect of the university's active commitment to students' academic success. All students are expected to participate in the academic advising process throughout their careers here.

For help in finding an advisor for your area of interest, please visit the Provost-sponsored undergraduate academic advisors listing at:

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Undergraduate Scholars at UH

Undergraduate Scholars at UH offers academic advising to students who have not yet declared a major, who are changing majors, are interested in pre-health field studies or pre-law, or who are in the process of considering enrollment at UH. They also assist undergraduate students with core curriculum and TSI information, and assist individuals in search of internship positions. For more information, contact UScholars Academic Advising and visit their website at:

In addition, the office also offers a College Success Program that works with freshmen and sophomores to aid in their transition to college life and to ensure success in their academic endeavors.

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Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

The Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs oversees a number of programs that benefit students. The office is involved with undergraduate academic policy questions, general petitions, academic honesty cases, undergraduate enrollment cap appeals, Texas Tuition Rebate, the Core Curriculum, the Undergraduate Committee, and the Undergraduate Catalog.

Undergraduate students may visit the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs to petition for medical or administrative withdrawals. This office can provide information on policy guidelines and required documentation. The deadline to file for the emergency withdrawal is 140 days from the close of the term in which the course was taken.

Students should be mindful that medical and administrative withdrawal procedures require that a student be withdrawn from all courses for the semester and do not guarantee that the student will receive a refund for the semester's tuition and fees. (See also: Special Needs, Medical and administrative withdrawals elsewhere in this section of the website.)

Please call 713-743-9112 or come by 109 E. Cullen. For additional contact information, see the Academic Affairs listings by office section of this site.

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