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Faculty Success Program

National Center for Development and Diversity ImageAbout the Faculty Success Program (Boot Camp)

The highly acclaimed program is an intensive 15-week virtual boot camp offered through the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) that combines empirically tested methods, coaching, peer discussions, and accountability tools to help academics thrive in their careers and achieve work-life balance.

This virtual boot camp is intended for tenure-track and tenured faculty who want to be able do the following:

  • Set achievable professional and personal goals and a realistic plan to meet them
  • Establish a consistent and sustainable daily writing routine
  • Develop a publication profile that exceeds the institution's promotion criteria
  • Master best practices in academic time management
  • Excel at collaborating effectively with colleagues and administrators
  • Enjoy a full life beyond campus

The program is especially beneficial for any faculty going through a career transition, including new faculty, faculty going up for tenure, tenured faculty transitioning to associate or full professor, and/or faculty entering parenthood who are learning to balance the demands of work and family life.


To be eligible for this award, applicants must be 1) tenured-track or tenured faculty and 2) members of NCFDD.

Award Requirements

Participants are expected to complete the 15-week program and participate in weekly calls and exercises.

Following the program, participants are expected to implement an activity to “give back” to the Cougar community within two semesters after participation in the program. Examples of “give back” activities include:

  • Weekly or monthly writing group for faculty
  • Service Learning Project for Faculty or Graduate Students
  • Hosting a FED Café workshop for faculty
  • Sharing relevant planning and time-management techniques with graduate students to set them up for success (e.g. semester plans, teaching plans, and/or writing blocks).

Application Process

To apply, please complete a brief statement (1-2 pages) detailing the following:

  1. Your Name, Title, and Department
  2. What you hope to gain from participating in the program and how that aligns with your professional goals.
  3. A description of current efforts to contribute to diversity, equity, or inclusion in your department or broader campus community.
  4. A description of how you plan to give back to other Houston faculty or graduate students following your participation in the program.
  5. The name and contact information for one reference (e.g. your department Chair or mentor).

About the NCFDD

The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) is an independent professional development, training, and mentoring community of graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and faculty members. Click here for more details.

Nomination Process

Applications are made directly to the Office of the Provost, Faculty Engagement and Development (FED). The selection committee will include the Executive Director of the FED, as well as the Chair of the FED Advisory Board.