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  • Office of Research Development (ORD)

    ORD advances research by identifying relevant funding opportunities for faculty; working with research teams to successfully apply to opportunities; providing workshops  and resources on grantsmanship; and seeking collaborative opportunities across local, regional and national entities for faculty.

  • Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG)

    The OCG assists faculty in obtaining external funding to support their creative and scholarly activities. As such, OCG plays a role in helping UH fulfill its research, instruction and public service missions. In conjunction with college staff, OCG is tasked with the administrative and financial management of awards.
  • Office of Policies, Compliance and Committees (ORPCC)

    ORPCC works with faculty to ensure compliance with federal regulations in areas concerning human subjects, animal subject, conflicts of interest, grant congruency, and responsible conduct of research. ORPCC conducts congruency reviews prior to award set up (verification of IRB, IACUC, COI, safety approvals).

  • Office of Intellectual Property Management (OIPM)

    OIPM manages patents, copyrights and trademarks, and works with faculty and the Intellectual Property Committee to file patents for inventions. The principal goal is to foster research and scholarship through the effective transfer of University-wide technology to industry.
  • Animal Care Operations (ACO)

    ACO provides professional veterinary and husbandry services to support animals used in biomedical and behavioral research, including the maintenance of standards for animals, facilities, equipment and procedures. ACO provides such services to faculty, such as animal procurement, training, veterinary consultation in research design, transportation of animals and veterinary care. ACO also provides professional veterinary medical, husbandry and proposal review services to support animals used in biomedical research.