Enhancing Faculty Diversity

Great universities are comprised of a wide range of Faculty who have been developed as a diverse community of teacher-scholars. The University of Houston is poised to become a prominent educational force globally, and as such, holds the responsibility for recruiting and retaining a diverse Faculty that reflects the diversity of its student body. Relying on a set of proposals, each of which warrants fine attention to strategic detail for implementation, there is every reason to believe that the University will amplify student success by concurrently strengthening Faculty success: success of Faculty begets success of students. Only by ensuring recruitment and retention of a diverse, equitable Faculty community can the University continue its exponential travel toward global preeminence.

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Parameters and Procedures

Allocations will be made on a rolling basis throughout each year and will be designated for enhancing Faculty recruitment and retention flexibility, to improve salary competitiveness, and/or to supplement start-up packages. The amount of strategic hiring assistance will be ascertained on a case-by-case basis, and typically, departments or colleges will share the initial costs of the hire with the Provost’s Office; strategic hiring assistance from the Provost’s Office will be available for no more than three years and will be reserved only to units that intend to provide continuing appointments to the Faculty candidates involved in the strategic hire. To access strategic hiring funds, Deans or a Dean’s designee must:

  1. Contact the Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs through a written request that describes the essential terms of the proposed funding package and the context of the request: underrepresented tenured or tenure track Faculty; tenured or tenure-track women; or dual career couples.
  2. Once request to make an offer has been accepted by the candidate(s), the Dean or the Dean’s designee should send the funding request to the Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs who will review the documentation and, if complete, will forward the request to the Provost for final approval. Documentation for the request, which serves as an additional compensation package beyond the basic offer, should include:
    • Identify the strategic hire context(s), e.g., underrepresented race or ethnicity; underrepresented discipline; women in underrepresented disciplines; dual career couples;
    • Explain why the hire is strategic both in terms of the position(s) and the candidate(s);
    • Provide details about the terms of the strategic hire assistance request (percent of compensation, years of support not to exceed three) and the long-term plan for continued funding of the candidate(s) after the strategic hire assistance has expired;
    • Outline the compensation package, title, proposed starting date, and specifics about the sources of funding;
    • Prioritize the request in comparison to other strategic hire assistance that either have been submitted or are planned by the college;
    • Describe the efforts in which the college is engaged to recruit and retain Faculty in accordance with the strategies delineated above and how these efforts are actively supported by the college;
    • Include the date in which the offer was accepted by the candidate and provide a copy of the acceptance letter.