Promotion and Tenure Introduction

The University of Houston promotion and tenure process is an electronic process using a SharePoint site. For confidentiality and security purposes, access to the Site is limited to specific time periods and accessible only by current year candidates and reviewers.


Promotion and Tenure Guidelines 2014-2015 (.pdf)

Promotion and Tenure Process Timeline (.pdf)


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Access Information

Candidates are given access after the college representative has created the candidate's electronic profile (Face Sheet). The candidate will receive access notification by email.

College P&T representatives receive access at the start of the yearly process. Department representatives receive access after the candidate's Face Sheet is created.

Once the review process begins, college/department representatives will give access notification to reviewers.


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Training Information

Candidates, P&T representatives at the college and department level, and reviewers may use the following training videos and/or word document to learn how to access, upload and navigate the P&T site.

If you would prefer to attend classroom training, please register using this link or the one on the P&T Site.


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Contact Information

Contact Information

For P&T process questions, please contact:
Olga Selley
P & T Liaison
Provost's Office

For technical questions, please contact:
Andy Moon
SharePoint Administrator


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