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Offer Letter Format
for Tenure Track Position

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Tenure-Track Offer Letter
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    1. Offer the position in a specific department, school or college at the base salary with a beginning date.



Dear ___________:

Upon the recommendation of the Department of _________ , I am pleased to offer you a position as _________ (title/rank) in the Department of _________ in the College of _________ at the University of Houston. The salary will be $________ for the nine-month academic year, effective September 1, 20___ to May 31, 20___. Your salary will be direct-deposited into your designated account on a monthly basis, on the first of the month beginning October 1.

    1. Specify the tenure status, probationary period, third year review, and tenure review dates.

Your responsibilities will include teaching and research, primarily in the area of ____________ (specify discipline, if applicable), as well as service to the department, college, and to the University. This is a tenure-track position with a maximum probationary period of _____ (7 for Assistant Professors or 4 for Associate Professors) years to run consecutively. You will receive feedback from an annual review and undergo an in-depth review during your third year, which will take place during the Fall 20___.  According to University policy, a decision regarding promotion and tenure must be made no later than the end of the sixth year of the faculty member's probationary period (May 31, 20___).

    1. Provide information about citizenship requirements
      in regard to tenure.

In order to be granted tenure, a faculty candidate must either be a citizen of the US or have permanent residence. In order to be considered for tenure, non-tenured tenure track faculty who are not US citizens must have permanent residence by the end of the spring semester prior to the year in which the tenure review will take place, or must have an approved labor certification/Form I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), if immigrating via sponsored employment. The probationary period will not be extended in the event that a faculty member does not have permanent residence by that time. In the event that the labor certification/I-140 has been approved, and the adjustment of status or consular immigrant visa application is pending, and is simply awaiting approval or availability of an immigrant visa number, the faculty member may be considered for tenure. In the case of those faculty eligible for tenure consideration, tenure, if recommended and approved, will not be granted until such time that permanent residence has been granted by the USCIS.

    1. Include any appointment contingencies, if necessary.

This offer is contingent upon receiving original transcripts showing all of your academic degrees before you begin employment at the University of Houston.

    1. Add the following language for candidates completing PH.D. requirements, if applicable:

This offer is contingent upon receiving evidence of your completion of all requirements for the doctoral degree by August 1, 20___. As soon as possible thereafter, you are expected to provide an official transcript with the doctoral degree posted. In the event that you do not successfully complete the Ph.D. degree by August 1, 20___, you will be placed in a non-tenure track position at the rank of Visiting Assistant Professor at a salary of $_____ (10% reduction). If you successfully complete the Ph.D. degree during the 20__-20__ academic year, your salary will be adjusted to $________ beginning the Fall 20____ semester and you will be given the title of Assistant Professor and will be put on the tenure track at that time. If you have not completed the Ph.D. degree by May 1, 20___, your appointment will terminate at the end of the spring semester 20____.

    1. Insert the following clause(s) for support, and/or any research or course development commitment in the summer(s) preceding tenure track appointment and/or subsequent to tenure track appointment, if applicable:

The University will provide you with a computer with an Internet connection, an office, and a telephone. The Vice President for Research has authorized $___________ to be used to help facilitate your computer and research setup. These monies must be expended by _______, 20_____ (date) or they will cease to be available to you.

We are pleased to offer research and course development support for the summers preceding your ________ (specify) years as an Assistant Professor at the University of Houston. Each of these summers you will be paid two-ninths (2/9) of your nine-month academic salary. Please note, you must be in residence in the academic year following payment of summer funds to be eligible for summer funding.

    1. Insert the following clause for reimbursement of moving and relocation expenses, if applicable:

We will reimburse you up to $________ for any receipted moving and relocation expenses. If you leave the University’s employment within 12 months of your appointment date for reasons within your control, you will be required to reimburse the University for the amount of relocation expenses within 90 days of termination. Expenses not reimbursed may be reported as taxable income.

    1. Include University of Houston Legal Requirements and Assurances sheet and forms, including the following wording:

"As the University of Houston complies with the Immigration Control and Reform Act, all appointments are contingent upon proof of eligibility to accept employment in the United States. Documentation of eligibility must be provided within 72 hours of employment."

"The State of Texas requires that all faculty who have contact with students complete the Primary Spoken Language of Teaching Personnel Self-Declaration section of the English Language Proficiency & Policies Acceptance Form. Please complete this form and return it with your letter of acceptance."

"To comply with U.S. Department of Education guidelines, this offer is void if you affirm on the English Language Proficiency & Policies Acceptance Form that you have ever been convicted of or pled nolo contendere or guilty to, a crime involving the acquisition, use, or expenditure of Federal, State, or local government funds; or if you have ever been administratively or judicially determined to have committed fraud or any other material violation of law involving Federal, State, or local government funds."

"The State of Texas offers comprehensive health and prescription drug benefits, along with $5,000 of basic term life insurance and $5,000 of accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage beginning the 1st of the month following a 60-day waiting period, not to exceed 90 days You may also decline health coverage; however, if you wish to enroll in the medical plan after your initial period of eligibility, proof of insurability is required and your acceptance is not guaranteed.  Your options are:

  • Enroll within your first week of employment to start the 60-day wait,
  • You may decline coverage, (Note:  Under the Affordable Care Act, you are required to have or to obtain health insurance.  For more information, go to https://www.healthcare.gov/.)
  • Consult Human Resources regarding comparable coverage plan participation, if applicable,
  • Elect COBRA, to cover the waiting period (if available from previous employer),
  • Choose a short-term medical insurance to cover waiting period.  HR Benefits can provide a short list.

"Please consult your department or college administrator to coordinate attendance of HR's new employee orientation program, including benefits sign-up, or contact the HR Benefits Coordinator for further assistance."

    1. Insert the following hiring incentive clause for COBRA reimbursement to candidate, if applicable:

As part of your hiring incentive, the college will provide a monthly stipend of $300 - $650 (please specify the amount) to offset the cost of COBRA or short-term medical insurance.

    1. Ask for an acceptance letter or signature indicating acceptance on the offer letter.

I share the enthusiasm of my colleagues in Department of __________ and the college at the prospect of your joining us. Your participation in the academic and scholarly activities of the department will contribute to the growth and development of the college. I look forward to receiving your acceptance letter no later than _______________ (date).




College of __________________________
(be sure signature of Dean falls on the same page as the candidate's signature)


I accept this offer of employment.

Faculty Name                        Date


I decline the offer.

Faculty Name                        Date


1. Tenure Track, Clinical and Instructional Faculty
    & English Proficiency Policies Acceptance Form
2. Promotion and Tenure Policies or Clinical Faculty Policies
    or Instructional Faculty Policies


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