Hiring and Employment

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Hiring Procedure

Initial Appointment

The faculty folder should include:

  1. Dean’s offer letter with candidate's signed acceptance
  2. Non-Tenure Track Approval of Hiring
  3. Non-Tenure Track Employment Acceptance Form (DOE and English proficiency certification)
  4. Candidate's CV
  5. Candidate's original transcripts (this should include transcripts for all degrees earned.) Foreign credentials must be accompanied by a certified English translation and a credentials evaluation by a credible credentials evaluation service.



The following documents should be submitted for a faculty reappointment:

  1. Non-Tenure Track Faculty Reappointment Agreement
    Dean's offer letter with the faculty member's signed acceptance.
    (In the case of the appointment of a Visiting or Adjunct faculty member, or a Lecturer, provide information about the number of courses that the faculty member will be expected to teach during each semester of the appointment. If the teaching assignment is not four courses, on a separate sheet, explain why the teaching assignment is equivalent to a full load for the FTE given.)
  2. Non-Tenure Track Employment Acceptance Form (U.S. Department of Education Certification section only)



It is important to note that a faculty member may not be appointed to a tenure track position without a national search. Therefore, if a decision is made to appoint a faculty member holding a non-tenure track position to a tenure track position, a search must be done. In the event that a search was done at the time the non-tenure track faculty member was originally hired, another search is not necessary.


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