Selected Topics and Independent Study Courses

September 23,2013

Guidelines for Selected Topics
and Independent Study Courses
- with Electronic Form download -

Departments may add a maximum of eight titles per selected topics and independent study course per semester. These titles will be available for use only in the semester in which they are requested.

In order to establish selected topics/independent study courses with titles early enough to affect registration, colleges and departments are encouraged to review the catalog inventory for primary/parent courses. Without primary/parent courses, secondary/child courses cannot be created.

In addition, any secondary/child course which has been offered 3 times with the same title must be submitted as a regular course instead of a selected topics course.

Course titles must be submitted as early as possible to Julie Nguyen in the Office of Institutional Research to facilitate the scheduling of students during the enrollment process.

Please be aware that any students who must be assigned selected topics/independent study after the fourth class day in the summer or twelfth class day in the fall or spring semesters will be assigned to the regular generic selected topics/independent study.



Return the completed file or paper form to:
Julie Nguyen
Office of Institutional Research

FAX:  713-743-0646
Mail code: IR 0903


If you have any trouble downloading the form or have any questions about the form itself, please contact Julie Nguyen via email or phone: 713-743-0657.