Provost-Sponsored Faculty and Staff Awards Award Recipients Spring 2011

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The Spring 2011 awards recipients listed on this page have been recognized for excellence in each of their respective categories.

Faculty Awards:
Esther Farfel Award
| John and Rebecca Moores Professorship | Provost Faculty Advising Award | Teaching Excellence Awards | Faculty Award for Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Staff Awards:
George Magner Award
| New Professional Advising Award


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Esther Farfel Award

Ronald S. Harwerth | Optometry

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John and Rebecca Moores Professorship

Dmitri Litvinov | Electrical and Computer Engineering

David Mikics | English

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Provost Faculty Advising Award
for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising

Donna W. Stokes | Physics

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Teaching Excellence Awards

Teaching Excellence Award

Harold E. Bedell | Optometry

Anadeli Bencomo | Hispanic Studies

Betty Barr | Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dusya M. Vera | Management

Betsy Cook Weber | Moores School of Music

Provost Core Awards

Casey Dué Hackney | Modern and Classical Languages

Michael Murphy | Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Maria Elena Soliño | Hispanic Studies

Instructor/Clinical Award

Lisa Alastuey | Health and Human Performance

Simon Bott | Chemistry

Martha J. Dunkelberger | Communication Sciences and Disorders

Phil Rogers | Decision and Information Sciences

Lindsay Schwarz | Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Elisabetta Gentile | Economics

Bertha Cecilia Marrugo Puello | Hispanic Studies

Community Engagement

Jaana Porra | Decision and Information Sciences

Susan Rogers | Architecture

Career Award

Dan Wells | Biology and Biochemistry

Distinguished Leadership in Teaching

Frank Holt | History

Group Teaching

Undergraduate Core

Andrea B. Burridge
Shirley L. Yu
G. Thomas Schanding, Jr.
Sharon Johnson
Kimberly Zainfeld

Improved Outcomes of Student Success

Sharon Lund O'Neil
Jamison V. Kovach
David X. Ding
Susan L. Miertschin
Jerry J. Waite

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Faculty Award for Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Gangbing Song | Mechanical Engineering

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George Magner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising

Kevin S. Simon | Hotel and Restaurant Management

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New Professional Advising Award
for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising

Edward Manouelian | Political Science

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