Provost-Sponsored Faculty and Staff Awards Award Recipients Spring 2005

The Spring 2005 awards recipients listed on this page have been recognized for excellence in each of their respective categories.

Esther Farfel Award

Teaching Excellence Awards:
Enron Awards | Provost's Core Teaching Awards | Distance Education Teaching Award | Non-Tenured Award | Graduate Assistant Teaching Awards

Excellence in Research and Scholarship Awards

George Magner Awards: Faculty & Staff


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Esther Farfel Award

Martin Melosi | Department of History

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Teaching Excellence Awards

Enron Awards

Luis Alvarez | History

Geoffrey J. Brune | Architecture

Meredith J. Duncan | Law

Frank L. Holt | History

Provost's Core Teaching Awards

Susan D. Collins | Political Science

Jeffrey J. Morgan | Mathematics

Distance Education Teaching Award

Barbara L. Stewart | Human Development and Consumer Sciences

Non-Tenure Award

Simon G. Bott | Chemistry

Graduate Assistant Teaching Awards

Alejandro Jacky | Modern and Classical Languages

Louise Nemanich | Management

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Excellence in Research and Scholarship Awards

Randolph P. Thummel | Chemistry

Ramanan Krishnamoorti | Chemical Engineering

Kevin Bassler | Physics

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George Magner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising

Jon Lorence | Department of Sociology

Rebekah Connally | Office of Undergraduate Academic Development and Retention


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