Provost-Sponsored Faculty and Staff Awards Award Recipients Spring 2003

The Spring 2003 awards recipients listed on this page have been recognized for excellence in each of their respective categories.

Teaching Excellence Awards:
Enron AwardsProvost's Core Teaching Awards |Distance Education Teaching Award | El Paso Energy Foundation Faculty Achievement Award | Graduate Assistant Teaching Awards

Esther Farfel Award

Excellence in Research and Scholarship Awards

Arthur K. Smith Leadership Award


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Teaching Excellence Awards

Enron Awards

Ioannis Kakadiaris | Computer Science

Susan Martinis | Biology and Biochemistry

Lee Mountain | Curriculum and Instruction

Sandra Guerra Thompson | Law Center

Provost's Core Teaching Awards

Garret Etgen | Mathematics

Noe Marmolejo | Moores School of Music

Distance Education Teaching Award

Karen Stokes | Theatre

El Paso Corporation Faculty Achievement Awards

James W. Pratt | Accountancy and Taxation

Osman Ghazzaly | Civil and Environmental Engineering

Information Technology
David Shattuck | Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduate Assistant Teaching Awards

Gary Hawkins | English

Michael Newman | Accountancy and Taxation

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Esther Farfel Award

Arnold Eskin | Biology and Biochemistry

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Excellence in Research and Scholarship Awards

Austin Roorda | Optometry

Vemuri Balakotaiah | Chemical Engineering

Karolos M. Grigoriadis | Mechanical Engineering

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Arthur K. Smith Leadership Award

Michael A. Olivas | Law Center

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