Provost-Sponsored Faculty and Staff Awards Award Recipients Spring 2013

The Spring 2013 awards recipients listed on this page have been recognized for excellence in each of their respective categories.

Faculty Awards:
Esther Farfel Award
| John and Rebecca Moores Professorship | Provost Faculty Advising Award | Teaching Excellence Awards | Faculty Awards for Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Staff Awards:
George Magner Award
| New Professional Advising Award


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Esther Farfel Award

Michael P. Harold | Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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John and Rebecca Moores Professorship

Steven C. Pennings | Biology and Biochemistry

Peter G. Vekilov | Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry

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Provost Faculty Advising Award
for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising

Helen Kathryn Valier | Medicine and Society, The Honors College

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Teaching Excellence Awards

Teaching Excellence Award

Richard H. Armstrong | Modern and Classical Languages / The Honors College

Ann C. Christensen | English

Thomas J. George | Finance

Sapna Kumar | Law

Thomas William Lowder | Health and Human Performance

Provost Core Awards

Francesca D'Alessandro Behr | Modern and Classical Languages

Innovation in Instructional Technology

Gangbing Song | Mechanical Engineering

Instructor/Clinical Award

Bret J. Detillier | Information and Logistics Technology

Patricia Dorsey | Sociology

Paige K. Evans | Mathematics

Kelly Y. Hopkins | History

Aditi Marwaha | Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Iain Morrison | Philosophy / The Honors College

Michael R. Newman | Accounting and Taxation

Chad M. Wayne | Biology and Biochemistry

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Zachary Hall | Marketing

William Russey | Biology and Biochemistry

Micki Washburn | Social Work

Career Award

David P. Shattuck | Electrical and Computer Engineering

Distinguished Leadership in Teaching

Joseph Pratt | History / Business

Group Teaching

Lisa Alastuey | Health and Human Performance
Charles Layne | Health and Human Performance
Rebecca E. Lee | Health and Human Performance
Prashant Mutgekar | Health and Human Performance
Anne Ogborn | Health and Human Performance

Chang H. Yun | Computer Science
Jose Baez-Franceschi | Computer Science
Olin Johnson | Computer Science
Zhigang Deng | Computer Science


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Faculty Awards for Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Lifetime Mentoring Award
Rakesh Verma, Professor | Computer Science

Early Mentoring Award
Maria Victoria Tejada-Simon, Assistant Professor | Department of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences


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George Magner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising

to be announced

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New Professional Advising Award
for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising

to be announced

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