Four Initiatives

More than 12,000 suggestions were submitted by UH students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, friends, and civic and community leaders in response to President Khator’s “100 Days” campaign. These suggestions have been categorized and prioritized into “big rocks” and “small rocks,” with the former now designated as goals and initiatives of broad interest and importance.

These four “big rock” initiatives will serve as pathways to achieving Tier One status for the University of Houston.

  1. The UH Energy Initiative:
    This will bring together 70 of our finest faculty from eight colleges, 14 centers and institutes, and multiple disciplines to pursue the highest and broadest level of energy research, including fossil fuels, bio-fuels, wind, and solar power. The initiative will facilitate relationships with industry partners to understand their needs and increase our capacity to provide the workforce, the technologies, and the business innovations needed by Houston not only to compete, but also to lead the energy industry globally.
  2. The UH Health Initiative:
    This builds on another of Houston’s strengths, healthcare. Houston is home to the world’s largest medical complex, the Texas Medical Center, and UH has many health-related research programs, including science and engineering, social science and social work, and pharmacy and optometry. Our strength lies in the integration of these disciplines. We will expand our presence and our partnerships with Texas Medical Center institutions, filling gaps that currently exist, and advancing strengths already in place.
  3. The UH Arts Initiative:
    It is equally important to our future. The Arts Initiative will position UH as a world-class arts destination and as a national innovator in commissioning new work, employing and training thousands of artists and sponsoring world class arts series. Houston’s arts scene attracts nearly 11 million people and generates $625 million in economic activity each year. The arts programs at UH are a big part of that success. We pledge to expand and strengthen our partnerships with theaters, museums, performance venues and arts organizations. In conjunction with this, our faculty will strive for overall excellence in the liberal arts by pursuing a Phi Beta Kappa chapter.
  4. The Star Initiative:
    This initiative reinforces our existing commitment to strengthen our centers of excellence, what President Khator likes to call “star programs.” Many of these are ranked in the top 50, or 20, or five or even number one in the nation, including entrepreneurship, health law, optometry, hotel and restaurant management, social work, psychology, chemical engineering, music, creative writing. Under our fourth initiative, the Star Initiative, we plan to make our stars shine even brighter.

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