Message From the President

University of Houston Magazine - Spring 2008

Institutional excellence—along with research, diversity, student access, and partnerships—has become a hallmark of the University of Houston.

Prior to my arrival on campus, I knew of UH’s enormous potential and strong reputation as a leader in higher education. But since assuming the dual role of University of Houston System chancellor and UH president in January, I’ve had the exciting opportunity to see firsthand many facets of our greatness. My experiences over the past few months have helped me realize that excellence abounds at the University of Houston.

I’m thrilled to be a Cougar and proud to be a part of a new era at the University of Houston. As we begin to work together to move our university to an even higher level, I encourage you to embrace your university from the positive perspective of a “glass half full.” We’re at a unique moment in time when we must all stand committed to building our future and continue raising our expectations. There’s so much we want to accomplish and improve, while continuing to focus on our core mission and reason for existence—ensuring that our students are prepared to succeed in today’s global economy.

I invite you to browse through the pages of this issue and experience for yourself the excellence that is being achieved on our campus and by Cougars throughout the nation; meet one of our innovative law professors; and learn why I’m counting on you to assume an active role in helping move your university to the next level.

We have exciting stories to tell. And I trust that this issue—chronicling the University of Houston’s overall excellence and numerous achievements—will invoke pride, incite action, and bring light to the fact that an old adage, coined by Benjamin Franklin nearly 300 years ago, remains true today… “Well done is better than well said.”


Renu Khator
UH System Chancellor and UH President