Message From the President

University of Houston Magazine - Fall 2008

It is with a great sense of anticipation and enthusiasm that I write to you on the eve of my investiture as UH System chancellor and UH president and as we officially open the next chapter in the institution’s history.

Every student, faculty, and staff member I have come across since my arrival in Houston, every business leader and legislator I have visited with, and every alumnus and donor I have met has reinforced my belief that the time has come for the University of Houston to take the next bold leap forward and assume its rightful and deserved place among the nation’s top-tier universities.

When John F. Kennedy announced, here in Houston in 1962, that we were going to the Moon “not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard . . . and that’s the American spirit,” a generation took notice, and the ambitious goal was met.

Today, in our own corner of the higher education universe, a similarly grand task has been placed before us—to elevate this university to the highest level of excellence among top-tier research universities. And I have no doubt in my mind that in true Texas spirit, in true Houston spirit, that task also will be accomplished.

A nationally competitive research university generates tremendous benefits for all of us, from economic development and added financial resources to a workforce with global skills and spirited alumni who celebrate Houston’s university.

The university community has shown me they are willing and able to move forward. Our partners, alumni, and friends have told me they are ready to support us. Our legislators understand the economic benefits that a new top-tier research university will bring to the state. And with your help, I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get the job done.

I thank all of you for your support and encouragement. I am confident that what we will build together will result in extraordinary learning opportunities for our students and bring tremendous added value to our academic programs, our research, and—ultimately—to every degree we award.

This is an honorable mission, and it ensures that this great university continues to be one in which we can all be tremendously proud.

Renu Khator
UH System Chancellor and UH President