Letters to the Houston Community

Pride Points Message

March 23, 2008

As I pass the midway point of my first 100 days, it's incredible to see the "buzz" and anticipation, both on campus and within the Houston community, about the future of the university. I even had several people in Washington D.C. pull me aside to share their thoughts and eagerly ask, "What's next?"

And while I'm very excited about the things that lie ahead for us, I feel that it's equally important to recognize the outstanding foundation upon which we are building our future.

Every year, students come to UH from all over the world seeking the opportunity to conduct world-class research with award-winning faculty, including numerous members of national academies, a Nobel Peace laureate, and recipient of the National Medal of Science. Our gifted faculty are an integral part of creating a world-class learning experience for our students and add to our growing reputation for excellence.

UH has nationally competitive programs. Did you know that Bauer College's entrepreneurship program is ranked second in the nation, or that our Health and Intellectual Property law programs are among the top ten in the country?

Test your knowledge of the university's incredible accomplishments by taking a brief Cougar Facts quiz on my Web site. I'll bet you learn something you didn't know!

The University of Houston is a great university in which we can all take pride, and the momentum we are generating will carry us to even greater heights. We have a strong foundation of excellence, and I can't wait to see what's next!

Renu Khator