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Mandatory Title IX Training

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As you know, many institutions of higher learning have been facing the challenge of making their universities safer and less vulnerable to sexual misconduct. At the University of Houston, we have aggressively addressed this issue over the years by hiring new personnel, refining our policies and regularly delivering prevention and awareness training within our communities.

But we can, and should, do more. In particular, as a community we need to have a complete understanding of our obligations under Title IX. In fact, our students have face-to-face training prior to starting school. After careful consideration, I am asking all faculty and staff to take an additional face-to-face training class in a small group setting. While our online training, which we take every year, is robust, I believe the face-to-face training will have the added benefit of allowing dialogue and discussion which, in turn, will lead to better understanding and awareness about our roles and responsibilities as they relate to Title IX.

In the coming weeks, you will be contacted with information about these training sessions. Similar to the online training, attendance at one of the face-to-face training sessions is mandatory. Sessions will be conducted during this semester.

At the University of Houston, we are committed to providing an environment free from any kind of misconduct, harassment and fraud. Title IX requires diligent compliance and provides very specific definitions and processes. This face-to-face training is just one more step in ensuring a safer work and campus environment for us and for our students. I appreciate your full cooperation.

With warm regards,
Renu Khator