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Keeping UHS Campuses Safe

In the wake of recent troubling events in the academic community, I want us to recommit ourselves to making sure that no acts of abuse, fraud, discrimination or retaliation are tolerated, in any way, within the University of Houston System and all its institutions.

We must have absolutely no tolerance for any behavior that encourages or even passively accepts an environment in which such acts occur.
Let me be clear. Our responsibility is not limited to refraining from such actions ourselves. We are also responsible for reporting such behavior. I consider it your obligation to take action if you become aware of any questionable conduct.

On your respective campus websites you will find a link to “Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline,” a program that protects your identity while bringing a possible issue to the highest level of attention. Reports made through “Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline” are received by the university's independent auditor and the UHS general counsel. Each report is screened and investigated, and the UHS Board of Regents is routinely informed of the results.

We have a number of important institutional controls in place to safeguard against improper behavior, but we must all be vigilant to make them effective. Please take an active role in helping maintain a safe, fair-minded and inclusive environment – it is our individual and collective responsibility. I take this very seriously. I ask that you do so as well.

Warm Regards,

Renu Khator