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Diversity and Respectful Discourse

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff –

Recently, a personal tweet by a member of the Student Government Association offended some people in our campus community. As a result, multiple requests have been made to the UH administration to intervene and remove this student from her SGA position.  

SGA has always been ‘of the students, by the students and for the students’ and UH’s system of shared governance does not allow administrative intervention in SGA. 

Having said that, it is our responsibility to maintain a culture of inclusion in which all voices are heard and constructive discourse is not only protected, but also encouraged. For example, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion has organized several activities to foster the engagement of respectful dialogue and education.

The University and I stand firm on the values of diversity, inclusion and unity. But differences of opinion are the natural byproduct of such discourse, and UH remains committed to the principles of free and open expression. Ultimately, universities bring empowerment through education and understanding.  

With that in mind, I urge you to continue to engage in respectful discussions, behavior and activities regarding this matter and all such issues. Listening leads to understanding, understanding leads to acceptance and acceptance leads to change.  

Together, we define UH and shape its future. 



Renu Khator