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Princeton Review Honors UH

Fellow Cougars,

Great news!  On the heels of Tier One recognition by the prestigious Carnegie Foundation, I have received news from The Princeton Review that the University of Houston, for the very first time, has been named one of the nation’s best colleges for undergraduate education. Our university will be highlighted in the 2012 edition of its “best colleges” guidebook that will be available in bookstores in early August 2011.

Robert Franek, the senior vice president at The Princeton Review, was so impressed with UH that he flew to Houston to visit our campus on Friday, March 11. He told me that we have much to be proud of and much to brag about. You can view his videotaped comments during his visit here.

The Princeton Review’s annual best colleges guide is widely used by prospective students and their parents in selecting a university, and includes opinions of more than 122,000 students who participate in their surveys. Opinion-based recognition is not included in our performance-based Tier One measures, but it is nevertheless a sign of the growing reputation of our university. 

This is much more than another feather in our cap. It is one more endorsement of your university, and we all know that our growing reputation nationally improves the value of your degree. Take a look at your diploma, and think about The Princeton Review writing that UH is “an outstanding institution we highly recommend.”

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support, and for sharing your pride in your university.

Warm Regards,

Renu Khator

To see the full Princeton Review announcement, click here.