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Welcome, Students Welcome, Students

Welcome to the 2017-2018 academic year at the University of Houston. You are one of more than 44,000 students embarking on the journey of learning and discovery with us this year. We — the faculty and staff of UH — are excited to have you with us and are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you realize your dream of college education.

Your Success – and Ours

If you are a freshman, I will see you in one of your classes this week. If you are a new graduate student, I look forward to seeing you in one of your classes in the spring semester. Beyond that, you can expect to see me at football tailgates or in the Moody Towers Dining Commons. Your success is our “no excuse” priority, which means that we are prepared to walk the extra mile to help you succeed. However, the first and foremost responsibility of your success rests with you. It goes without saying that, to achieve your goal, you need to be strategic with your time, disciplined about your priorities and passionate toward your learning.   

You are coming to a campus that is a vibrant, friendly, safe and fun place for learning. Here are a few new developments:

  • You now have a 24/7 dining option at the Moody Towers Dining Commons.

  • You do not have to bring your car to campus. Ride METRO with a free (or heavily discounted) METRO Fare Card available at our Parking and Transportation site.

  • For freshmen—if you have not enrolled in UHin4 (a guaranteed tuition and on-time graduation program), you can still enroll.

  • Our advisors are now equipped with sophisticated analytical tools that monitor your progress toward graduation. Your advisor will proactively contact you providing alerts, offering guidance, and connecting you to resources as needed. Please be sure to check your email regularly but also take ownership of your educational journey by reaching out to your advisor as questions arise to ensure that you are on track to complete your degree.

  • More than 140 events - Cat’s Back to Cage Rage to Glow Party - are scheduled during the Weeks of Welcome. Enjoy, have fun and then get serious about your studies.

  • More than 160 police and security officers are helping keep our campus safe; however if you ever feel the need, our escort service is available to walk you to your car at night.

  • A large number of support services - Writing Center, Office of Disability Services, Women and Gender Resource Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, University Career Services and Office of Equal Opportunity Services - are available to help you.

  • More than 500 student organizations/clubs are available for your participation. Research shows that engaged students perform better and graduate faster. So get involved!

Inclusion and Respect

I am sure you are not oblivious of national controversies and social tensions. These are uneasy times for our nation as we confront vastly different viewpoints and belief systems. If you feel anxious or disillusioned, it is only natural. At UH, we are committed to ensuring a safe learning environment for you. It does not mean that you will not be forced out of your comfort zone and face views that are opposing to yours or views that challenge your pre-existing assumptions. It does mean that you can expect a learning environment that values respect, dignity and physical safety as opposing views are shared. Freedom of speech is vital to our democracy, but it is even more vital to our learning. As one of the nation’s most diverse campuses, we take pride in our journey toward inclusion and respect, and encourage you to be part of this journey.

If you ever have concerns, please stop by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to offer your suggestions and have a conversation.

Cougar Red Fridays  

I wish you all the best. And remember – true Coogs always wear red on Fridays. The tradition of Cougar Red Fridays is a vital part of our UH culture, a celebration of all things Cougar – from our legacy of providing quality higher education to some of the best and brightest students in the nation to our commitment to academic distinction and research innovation. Wearing red acknowledges how proud we are to be a part of everything UH has accomplished so far and our pledge to continue on that path to excellence. Wearing red on Fridays says GO COOGS!

With warm regards,

Renu Khator