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About Dr. Khator


On November 7, 2008, the University of Houston celebrated the investiture of Dr. Renu Khator as its eighth chancellor and thirteenth president. The afternoon investiture ceremony was the official conferral of the symbols of the president's office, and was be marked by all the pageantry of traditional academic ceremonies.

"Inspiring Excellence" was intended to be more than the inauguration of a president. It was a multiday celebration, held in conjunction with Homecoming, for the university and community partnership, with a range of events and activities on campus and around Houston.

Investiture is defined as the "formal ceremony of conferring the authority and symbols of high office." It is held during the new president's first year in office, or at the conclusion of the first year. It is an ancient academic ceremony which has symbolized the pursuit of knowledge since the Middle Ages. Today, universities view investitures as an opportunity to welcome a new era and celebrate as a community.