UH Community Resources

The College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy will work through local hospital and local pharmacies to provide its services, including medication counseling to individuals throughout the surrounding areas and Houston. Contact: 713-743-1300.

The College of Optometry's University Eye Institute

The College of Optometry's University Eye Institute, the college's main on-campus eye care facility, is fully operational and is providing care for patients with storm-related eye injuries. It is also providing rapid optical services to replace lost or broken spectacles and contact lenses. The University Eye Institute is open to the public for appointments, emergency eye care or information. Contact: 713-743-2020. The Mobile Eye Institute is fully operational. It is available for deployment in coordination with the city of Houston to provide essential eye care services for displaced Houstonians.

The Law Center

The Law Center will have its Texas Consumer Complaint Center open around-the-clock, seven days a week to receive questions and help with legal issues including landlord/tenant, employment, insurance and tree problems. Contact: Texas Complaint Center, 1-877-TEX-UHCC (877-839-8422)

The College of Technology

The College of Technology will offer technical assistance to selected community service organizations as it rebuilds its IT infrastructure. Contact: cotithelp@uh.edu (CoT IT Help).

The Cullen College of Engineering

The Cullen College of Engineering will be providing services and resources to the greater Houston community through the Texas Hurricane Center for Innovative Technology (THC-IT), closely working with the College of Engineering faculty and the Center for Innovative Grouting Materials and Technology (CIGMAT). Contact: 713-734-4278 or cvipulanandan@uh.edu.
Services include:

  1. Inspect residential building or structural damages and recommend methods of repairs
  2. Inspect buildings for water/rain damage and recommend remediation
  3. Resources to work with TxDOT to review erosion and structural issues related to bridge columns, highways and retaining walls
  4. Conduct a survey on the issues related to hurricane preparedness and recovery in the Houston area
  5. Work with the city of Houston related to their water pipeline failures (ongoing research)
  6. Work with Galveston County, Brazoria County and Harris County on their infrastructure problems (water, wastewater and streets).
  7. Test drinking water quality, if there is a critical need (requested by the cities and counties)

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics will provide consultation to mathematics and science teachers in public schools to help solve problems related to Hurricane Ike. Contact: 713-743-0961 or dprince@uh.edu

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