Procedure #1 = New Department Address/Mailcode and PS Updates
Procedure #2 = Department Move and PS Updates
Procedure #3 = Updating location codes/mailcodes for Position Numbers in PS

Due to expansions and space issues, portions of departments may relocate to other areas on campus. The individuals who reside in these “offsite” locations need to have their location codes changed in PeopleSoft to direct their mail to their new location. Please follow the steps listed below to correct PeopleSoft location/mailcodes for each individual affected by the move.

1. Go to the UH Printing and Postal website and under Quick Links click on Campus Address/Mailcodes.

  • Look up the correct campus address and mailcode for the individuals in question.
  • If a mailcode does not exist for the new location, view the procedures to obtain a new campus address and mailcode.
  • If you have any questions concerning the address information, contact Sally Rowland-Ketley at X3-5824.

2. Go to the Electronic Forms (eForms) Home Page in PeopleSoft HRMS.
  • Create a new ePRF for each employee and select the new Location Code/mailcode from the drop down menu.
  • This ensures that the staff will receive mail at their new location and will be listed correctly in the online directory.
  • For any questions concerning the form, contact Alicia Colbert, Human Resources, at X3-4227

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