Procedure #1 = New Department Address/Mailcode and PS Updates
Procedure #2 = Department Move and PS Updates
Procedure #3 = Updating location codes/mailcodes for Position Numbers in PS

Certain procedures must be taken in order to obtain an official campus address and interoffice mailcode for a new department. The following steps explain how to have this information added to PeopleSoft.

1. Go to the UH Printing and Postal website and click on Forms. Select New Department Address Form.

  • Complete the required information and click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  • A new campus address and mailcode will be assigned to you by the Director of UH Printing and Postal Services. This information will be emailed to your attention.
  • If you have any questions concerning the completion of this form, contact Sally Rowland-Ketley at X3-5824.

2. Go to the UH Finance website and click on Forms. Select Chartfield Action Forms. Select PSGL009 – Department Action 
  • Under Action Requested check Create New Department.
  • Complete all of the requested information.
  • In the Explanation field, record the following information: “Our new campus address and mailcode assigned by UH Postal Services is _______________________. Reports to ___________________________” (college or division.”)
  • Print the Chartfield Action Form and obtain the required signatures, including Certifying Signature Authority at the College or Division Level. Scan the completed form and send as an attachment to Alicia Colbert, Human Resources at
  • For any questions concerning the form, contact Alicia Colbert at X3-4227.

3. HR Compensation completes the HRMS Department Code Update Form, assigns Department ID and forwards both forms to:
  • HRMS/Payroll to create the new Department ID in PeopleSoft HR.
  • Budget to create the new Department ID in PeopleSoft Financial
  • Financial Systems to modify the security tree for Report.Web access.
  • Employment to enter the new Department ID into the OJS system. Please contact employment directly to add the new department to individual profiles.
  • And returns a copy of completed Form and all attachments to Initiator.

4. The initiator verifies that the new department has been set up in PeopleSoft and begins using the new department.

5. Go to the Electronic Forms (eForms) Home Page in PeopleSoft HRMS.

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