Campus Communicators

Campus Communicators is a group of communication, marketing, design, and development professionals from various UH System colleges, departments, and business units. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month to spread information, discuss university and system initiatives, and contribute to policy making. If you would like to be involved in the group and attend meetings, please contact Brandy Holmes.

Attended the 10/15/2014 Meeting:
  • Brian Armstrong
  • Sindee Bielamowicz
  • Sarah Borders
  • Jonathan Brooks
  • Calista Brown
  • De'Awn Bunch
  • Renee Cleare
  • Vanessa Colchado
  • Robert Cremins
  • Linda Davis
  • Jo Anne Davis-Jones
  • Eric Dowding
  • Ashriel Dunham
  • Emily Fahner
  • Troy Gillaspia
  • Brandy Holmes
  • Brenda Jones
  • Marilyn Jones
  • Anna Julian
  • Kris Kehe
  • Christine Klocke
  • Chip Lambert
  • Scott Marsh
  • George Mattingly
  • Debbie Maurer
  • Jessica Mize
  • Ashley Olheiser
  • Nicole Romano
  • Mark Rosanes
  • Maribel Salazar
  • Amanda Sebesta
  • Mark Smith
  • Sarah Tucker
  • Brian Waddle
  • Jennifer Watson

Meeting Minutes


Brandy Holmes: Welcome everyone. Today’s presentation is in response to the survey in July about what you all wanted to learn about. There were specific requests for Admissions and Media Relations. Here today is the team from Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services to talk about their operations and their team. A presentation from Media Relations is in the works.

De'Awn Bunch: For those of you I haven't had the pleasure of working with, I am the communications manager, primarily on the student services side of the division. For the last few months I've been serving as the interim director. We’ve had restructuring in our division, so we’re happy to share our different teams here with you today.

Click here to view the presentation.

De’Awn Bunch: Please provide feedback on the best way to work with you and your students. We are developing into a full force team in marketing and communications and hope to broaden our services to students as well as faculty, staff and alumni.

Question: Why are you guys using the Choose Houston message? I though we couldn’t use that?

Jo Anne Davis-Jones: We are moving to style into the new brand.

Brandy Holmes: As a message, Choose Houston is strong for admissions. It’s exactly what we want students to do. Even though it’s not a separate campaign any longer, doesn’t mean the message can’t be used in the new brand style to achieve their goals. The Choose Houston look was an evolution of the Tier One campaign style, which isn’t reflected in these new email designs.

Question: I'm curious about your social media efforts. What did you do specifically to get those results?

George Mattingly: We put out a message once a day, following more prominent people on campus, and ensuring that we engage at events and responds to students as much as possible, for example with congratulations on something.

De’Awn Bunch: We do lots of table events. This team has been instrumental in getting an organic following and getting the message out. When students respond to us we make sure we connect them to the right people on campus. We've also done a better job with Coogs News and distributing messages and features that will draw students in.

Question: Do you know what the Coogs News readership is?

De’Awn Bunch: Last year we had a 25% open rate and as of August we have a 50% open rate. Since it's a comprehensive piece, we tell people to make the language more engaging. Once the students are engaged they will let us know on social media what they’re drawn to. We can tell we have a lot more people reading the information this year than last.

Question: Are the programs that DSAES provide focused towards undergraduates?

De’Awn Bunch: Right now we are focused on primarily undergraduates. We have been working with the graduate school to mirror the undergraduate programs, but it’s a different way to engage that population, since they tend to be older students.

Mark Smith: We are trying to start young as well. That is the key. Cultivating that relationship with young children as well as parents and plant the seed in young minds to think about UH. We send items to schools all the time.

De’Awn Bunch: This is why I have sent several emails for general swag for promo items so we can feature UH, any individual UH college as well, at these schools.

Brandy Holmes: Now Vanessa Colchado will talk about changes to the graphic standards website and show a couple samples of brand work.

Vanessa Colchado: We have added two PPT templates to the download zone that are designed in the new ad campaign style. They contain the Welcome to the Powerhouse arrow and logo element. Feel free to use those templates.

We made some minor tweaks to the graphic standards site starting with the stationery order form. Instead of just on one page, it’s at the top of every stationery page, so please ensure that you are including this when placing your orders through UH Printing and Postal. The form must be submitted with all orders.

We will be adding two additional samples to the graphic standards site: Honors College Arete and University Marketing’s lamppost banners, to use for inspiration or reference when you’re designing.

Kudos to the College of Engineering and the College of Technology for great samples of work in the new brand.

Brandy Holmes: Our office is creating a video to play prior to the commencement ceremonies this fall. It will feature some of the ad campaign creative and brand messages, but we would like to highlight students who are graduating in December. If you know of students in your college that are graduating, please send us their name and contact information.

There will be a Staff Council meeting tomorrow. We are presenting the ad campaign at this meeting so if you haven’t seen it yet you can attend. (Current note: there is another campaign presentation on October 29 at 2:00 in room 186 of the HBS building)

Announcement: The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is trying to collect materials, event information etc. so if you have any information from your college you want to share, please email Ashriel Dunham.

Announcement:  We have two events for two separate series for Life Sciences and Innovation. We are bringing in Robert Robbins, M.D., President and CEO of the Texas Medical Center and it is open for faculty, staff and students. Help us get RSVPs.

The second event is on October 29. We are bringing in two FBI agents that will talk about protecting research data. This is geared toward faculty and graduate students.

Brandy Holmes: Thank You. Are there any successes you’d like to share with the group?

Announcement: DSAES has sent many pieces though brand review but Campus Recreation has done great work in the brand, for the division as a whole, as well as for their intramural sports. The graduate assistants are amazing! I encourage you to stop by the facility and visit the website. The difference between last year and this year is astronomical. Seems like the difference is that the colors and message in the pieces are rich.

Brandy Holmes: It’s a good point we should recognize. It's been a year since rolling out the new brand. Can you believe how far we've all come? To see now the depth and breath of work with this one toolkit in 12 months is amazing. Good job everyone! (applause)

Comment: I noticed that the download zone had a lot more photos on it today.

Vanessa Colchado: Yes, thank you for that comment. Our photographers have uploaded over 70 new images to the site. These range from buildings to students, so go check them out and feel free to use in your communications.

Brandy Holmes: Thanks everyone for coming. See you next month.