Campus Communicators

Campus Communicators is a group of communication, marketing, design, and development professionals from various UH System colleges, departments, and business units. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month to spread information, discuss university and system initiatives, and contribute to policy making. If you would like to be involved in the group and attend meetings, please contact Brandy Holmes.

Attended the 9/17/2014 Meeting:
  • Chelsea Adam
  • Sean Barnes
  • Sindee Bidamowicz
  • Sarah Borders
  • Jessica Brand
  • Jonathan Brooks
  • Shannon Buggs
  • De'Awn Bunch
  • Kari Burns
  • Dan Cato
  • Renee Cleare
  • Vanessa Colchado
  • Robert Cremins
  • Carrie Criado
  • Linda Davis
  • JoAnne Davis-Jones
  • Damisi DeLaney
  • Eric Dowding
  • Ashriel Dunham
  • Emily Fahner
  • Keidra Gaston
  • Troy Gillaspia
  • Nancy Herron
  • Sarah Hill
  • Richie Hunter
  • Brandy Holmes
  • Stephen Jablonski
  • Joelle Jameson
  • Marilyn Jones
  • Anna Julia
  • John Kling
  • Chip Lambert
  • Nerissa Lawford
  • Kathy Major
  • Scott Mason
  • Debbie Maurer
  • Jessica Mize
  • Brandon Moeller
  • Marla Molony
  • Jessica Navarro
  • Tiffany Norman
  • Taylor Nussbaum
  • Vuong Pham
  • Alese Pickering
  • Danielle Ponder
  • Maribel Salazar
  • Amanda Sebesta
  • Carolyn Shaffer
  • Mark Smith
  • Enita Torres
  • Connease Warren
  • Taylor Wiley
  • Richard Zagrzecki

Meeting Minutes


Brandy Holmes: Good afternoon. Today’s agenda is dedicated to the new ad campaign. Please welcome Richie Hunter.  
*The presentation will not be posted online for general viewing. If you’d like to attend a future presentation, please email Brandy Holmes to learn of other opportunities. Questions that were specific to the campaign creative were removed from these notes, because there’s no reference point without the actual presentation.
Comment: Can we suggest items to post on the campaign microsite?
Brandy Holmes: Yes, we are looking for stories that display innovation or are examples of being a powerhouse. Please email me the stories: bmholmes@Central.UH.EDU
Comment: Can the stories be from publications we've already released?
Brandy Holmes: Yes, if it's a recent story. Not something that’s a year old, for example. We will link out to your story.
Comment: Do you develop the content for the site?
Brandy Holmes: Yes, we write the copy for the posts and select images. If you have images with your story, please send them for possible use.
Comment: What do you want us to do and not do to emulate this campaign?
Enita Torres: If you have something you're working on, we can work with you. Also, soon on the microsite, we will have a page that will feature all the creative that has been done. Feel free to incorporate the slogans, copy, photos, etc. from the examples.
Comment: Will these photos be uploaded to the Download Zone so we can start using them?
Enita Torres: We’re sending our files out to vendors this week, so we will share some of the photos after our ads hit the market. Jessie and Jon have been working feverishly to shoot lots of photos for the campaign.

Brandy Holmes: Thanks for coming and see you next month.