Campus Communicators

Campus Communicators is a group of communication, marketing, design, and development professionals from various UH System colleges, departments, and business units. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month to spread information, discuss university and system initiatives, and contribute to policy making. If you would like to be involved in the group and attend meetings, please contact Brandy Holmes.

Attended the 8/20/2014 Meeting:
  • Sindee Bidamowicz
  • Jonathan Brooks
  • Calista Brown
  • Vanessa Colchado
  • Robert Cremins
  • Carrie Criado
  • Matt Dulin
  • Brandy Holmes
  • Stephen Jablonski
  • Marilyn Jones
  • Anna Julia
  • Christine Klocke
  • Scott Mason
  • Kathy Major
  • Debbie Maurer
  • Jessica Navarro
  • Michelle Robinson
  • Cara Smith
  • Brian Waddle
  • Sarah Hill
  • Maribel Salazar
  • Amanda Sebesta
  • Connease Warren

Meeting Minutes


Brandy Holmes: Good afternoon. Richie was scheduled to present on the new division and our restructure today, but we had to postpone due to today’s Board of Regents meeting, so she is now scheduled to present at next month’s meeting.

We are going to get started with a presentation from The Daily Cougar staff and then move to graphic standards changes and general announcements.

Matt Dulin: Good Afternoon. We are from the Center for Student Media & The Cougar and today, we’ll discuss changes that have been made to the newspaper and other pertinent information that you might find useful.  (Also presenting are Cara Smith and Callista Brown). Presentation can be found here.

Comment: How do you decide what content is placed in the newspaper?

Matt Dulin: We use pieces that are not as time bound and more relevant for the time of placement, more so now that we only publish weekly.

Comment: Are the ads that are placed in the print paper the same as those placed online?

Callista Brown: The ads are different. Print has its own ads that are then placed on the site when the print version is placed on the site for viewing. Online ads and email ad options are available and are different from the print ads.  The online and email ads can be linked to any site that you would like.

Comment: Can you subscribe everyone to the online version of the paper?

Matt Dulin: There are no rules against it, but best practices suggest we don’t. We would rather have a smaller number of loyal readers subscribed than a large group that just ignores or deletes the message. That way we can increase the number of our loyal readers slowly.

Comment: How do you acquire new readers?

Matt Dulin: We acquire new readers through social media recruiting, attending events, holding contests etc.

Comment: Is The Overtime edition printed?

Callista Brown: It is printed, but can also be viewed online. It is printed every Wednesday the week of a UH football home game.

Comment: How many copies are handed out at games?

Matt Dulin: 2,000 copies are handed out at each home game to anyone who would like one. Students get a copy on Wednesdays via the newsstands, so we tend to focus on Alumni attending the football game, but if anyone else wants it we do give it to them as well.

Comment: This is a great redesign and fresh look.

Comment: When is the deadline for the Wednesday paper?

Matt Dulin:  The Friday before, but Cara would be the one to verify that depending on your story. Final copy of anything that is being printed is due Tuesday morning.

Brandy Holmes: If there are no more comments, Vanessa Colchado will give an update on the graphic standards website.

Vanessa Colchado: We have made several changes to the graphic standards site this month. To start with I will talk about the email signature change.

There was a request to provide another email signature option without the Tier One designation. You are not required to include that designation in your signature and we have added that option to the site.

Question: I see emails all the time that don’t have correct email signatures, is there any way you regulate that?

Brandy Holmes: We don’t police the email signatures in a formal way. We may bring it to someone’s attention as individuals, but we don’t have a standard response.

Vanessa Colchado: As we all know, student organizations and whether or not they have to follow the brand style has been a bit confusing. We have created a flow chart that we hope will help clarify this. The chart can be found here at the bottom of the page.

The way its decided whether a piece has to be designed with the UH Brand Style elements is by the way its funded and/or run.

If a piece is completely funded by students, either though membership fees, student fees, private fundraising etc. it doesn’t not have to follow the UH brand style guidelines. With that being said, it will still have to follow the UH brand review process and still should be sent to Examples of these kinds of organizations are SGA and Greek Organizations on campus.

If a student event is funded by the college, but being run completely by students, it doesn’t have to follow the brand style guidelines, but must give the college or business unit credit by including the sentence in the chart. Again, these should still be sent for review to An example of this would be Hilton College’s Gourmet Night.

If an event or organization is run and funded by a college or business unit it has to follow and be designed with the UH brand style guidelines.

All pieces still have to go through brand review; this just helps clarify how they can be designed.

We also made a small content change to the Licensing and Trademark section of the graphic standards. If you are UH faculty, staff or a student, you do not have to fill out the IP form.

Comment: Is there a list of licensed vendors on the site?

Vanessa Colchado: Yes. The link can be found in the Licensing and Trademark portion of the guidelines. This link will lead you to the LRG website so that you can search for the University of Houston list. We cannot place the PDF copy of the list on the UH Graphic Standards because it is updated as vendors are approved and becomes outdated often. The most up-to-date list can always be pulled from the LRG website by searching ‘Houston’.

Next, I want to give some kudos to some well-designed pieces.  First is the Division of Research flyer. This is a very clean look that used brand elements to achieve its message. The desk and chairs icon is one that we wouldn’t normally think of when thinking of faculty, but in this case it works and is used to great effect.

Houston Public Media (HPM) submitted a piece that includes our some of our brand elements. HPM doesn’t have to follow our brand guidelines because they are exempt, but they opted to use them in this piece to tie it with UH. They have used the fonts and worked in the red nicely to achieve a simple, but great look.

Brandy Holmes: A general announcement that parking will be limited due to several events on campus on August 24th, including Community Day at the TDECU Stadium and student housing move-in. Please be aware and help spread the news. So that is the end of our presentations. Are there any general announcements or questions?

Comment: What is the status of the way finding signs across campus?

Brandy Holmes: They have installed some of those already. They are square columns and are color-coded based on the upcoming districts. The inner campus signs include actual street addresses, like Elgin for example.

If there aren’t any more questions, thank you for coming and we will see you next month.