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Specific Policies


  • UH Marketing only builds email messages in iModules for the President’s Office or the Division of University Marketing, Communication and Media Relations. Each college is responsible for building their own messages.
  • Any member of a natural constituency (alumni, donors, parents and friends) for whom University Advancement has a valid email address will receive email communications from UH unless he/she requests otherwise.
  • University Marketing reserves the right to cancel messages if branding policies and guidelines are not followed.
  • University Marketing reserves the right to reschedule messages if email volume to a particular audience is high.
  • University Advancement reserves the right to determine the appropriate audience for any message being sent.
  • University Advancement reserves the right to approve or decline a message request.
  • University Advancement reserves the right to prioritize outgoing messages based on email volume or solicitation requests.
  • Broadcast email may not be used for:
    • Solicitations without prior approval by University Advancement
    • Gathering contact information on alumni, donors, parents or friends without the approval of University Advancement
    • Political solicitations
    • Merchandise sales (exception: links to Athletics and UH Arts ticket sales)
    • Service sales

Scheduling Emails:

  • All UH broadcast email to alumni and donors is scheduled on the universal email calendar, which can be viewed here:
  • Emails can be scheduled for any day of the week using the Email Project Request Form.
  • A member of the iModules team will confirm or provide feedback on the date requested.
  • Email project request forms should be submitted at least three full business days in advance of when you would like the message to launch.
  • Once confirmed, the email will be added to the email calendar in iModules.
  • If sending to only UH interest groups:
    • Interest groups can be queried in iModules.
    • Emails can be scheduled any day of the week.
    • Emails can be sent multiple times in one week.
  • If sending to audiences other than interests groups:
    • Can be queried in iModules or requested from Advance.
    • Emails will be scheduled based on other messages scheduled for that week.
    • Each community will be able to send one message per week.
  • Power Users will be granted access to schedule and release email messages.
  • Sometimes emails will need to be rescheduled at the last minute if a priority message, such as an email from the President, needs to be sent on a particular day.

See iModules email calendar below:


  • Use of the UH/UHS president and chancellor’s image or name must have written approval from the VC/VP of University Marketing, Communication and Media Relations before an email can be launched. Use of a signature image is not permissible. Send requests to
  • To maintain compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, UH General Counsel has approved a blurb, which must be placed in the footer of every email. This footer can be found as an iModules content block called, “Mandatory UH Footer”.
  • The “reply to” email address will always be A member of University Advancement checks this inbox daily and sends necessary responses/comments to each email administrator.
  • State the purpose of the email in the first few lines.
  • State the name of the person or organization providing the information. No UH email should ever ask for a constituents username or password.
  • Emails cannot contain attachments. It is advisable to include a hyperlink to the document or information on your website.
  • Every email must have a corresponding text-only version.
  • Do not include hyperlinks to web pages that request user information.
  • The University of Houston name, logos, marks or other branding elements cannot be used in the promotion of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or firearms/firecrackers.


  • All emails being sent through iModules are reviewed for UH branding.
  • UH System policies regarding governing communication, graphic standards, computing and privacy should be applicable to broadcast email.
  • Emails must include an approved UH word mark.
  • If a hyperlink in an email message sends a constituent to a UH web page, the web page must have an approved UH word mark in the header.

Audience Lists:

  • Constituent data in iModules is populated with information from the Advance database maintained by University Advancement.
  • Constituent interest group information is also maintained in Advance.
  • Data is synced nightly between iModules and Advance. New graduate data is uploaded six to eight weeks after graduation.
  • All audiences can be queried in iModules, except for groups based on donation information or solicitation emails requesting funds.
    • Any email requesting funds must have an appeal code associated with the audience, which is provided by Annual Giving in University Advancement. These groups will be uploaded to iModules separately.
    • Emails requiring audiences based on donation information must have a corresponding data request. Advance data requests can be submitted through the UA Intranet. A cougarnet username and password is required to access the Intranet.
    • Advance Data Requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the email launch date and the output can be sent to
  • Colleges, departments and UH System members may only send broadcast emails to alumni, donors, friends, constituents who have opted in and full time faculty or staff affiliated with their college of department.
  • Files of email addresses will not be released internally or externally. All broadcast email will be sent by University Marketing personnel or designated power users.

iModules Reviewer Group for Emails:

  • Preview emails must be sent for all outgoing emails.
  • All preview emails will be sent to This iModules Reviewer Group consists of members of the University Marketing team, Annual Giving and various members of University Advancement.
  • Emails should be reviewed and approved internally before sending to the iModules Reviewer Group.
  • Include your name, email name and date email is to be sent in the “comments” section and your email address in the “reply to” section, so we know who is sending the preview email.