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Administrator – A UH employee with a set of permissions in iModules for creating e-mail campaigns, building e-mail messages, and managing stationery, for example.

Prototype – The iModules email marketing tool used to build email messages sent to alumni and donors.

Blacklisted – This occurs when Internet Service Providers deem e-mail as SPAM, or unsolicited. All Registered Users must personally opt-in to UH e-communications to avoid this.

Community – An area in iModules where each college or organization can manage e-communications independently.

Contact Record – Also called a member record.

Member ID – The ID tracked by iModules.

Queried Group – An administrator-driven method for segmenting constituents.

Custom List – Pulled from Advance, this master file populates and syncs with iModules. It contains every person in Advance with a known e-mail address.

Interest – A user driven method for segmenting constituents. Like subscriptions, users choose to receive e-mail based on their interests.

QA – Quality Assurance.

Regular User – Anyone who has a contact record in iModules.

Text Editor – An application, like Microsoft Notepad, that strips hidden formatting from Word documents and allows for clean text to be pasted into e-mail messages.

WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. The content editor tool used in iModules to create e-mail messages. It converts content into HTML automatically, so you don't need programming knowledge to create or edit e-mails.