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University of Houston : Student Affairs

Student Affairs is a broad component of the University of Houston that serves the academic support needs of students. Complaints regarding student services should be addressed to the Office of the Dean of Students, which can be contacted at the following address:

Office of the Dean of Students
Attn: Dr. William F. Munson
University Center, Room 252
University of Houston
Houston, Texas 77204-3035

Typically, the specific unit where a problem occurs will provide the fastest resolution, and the Office of the Dean of Students may direct complaints to specific departments within the Division of Student Affairs to resolve the problem expeditiously. Complainants are also invited to contact these units directly if they know to whom their complaint should be addressed. These units can be contacted at the Student Affairs website. Or, specific departments in Student Affairs can be contacted by telephone as follows:

Campus Activities 713-743-5180
Campus Recreation 713-743-9500
Center for Students with DisABILITIES 713-743-5400
Child Care Center 713-743-4130
Counseling 713-743-5454
Housing Services 713-743-6000
International Student Services 713-743-5065
Learning Support Services 713-743-5411
Health Center 713-743-5151
Pharmacy 713-743-5125
Student Orientation 713-743-5470
Student Publications 713-743-5350
University Testing Services 713-743-5444
University Center (UC) 713-743-5480
University Career Services 713-743-5100
Veterans' Services 713-743-5490
Wellness Program 713-743-5430