feedbacktrue1435603961035jdrea2Customer FeedbackCustomer Feedback/plantops/spiffs/feedbackPlantopssite://Plantops/plantops/spiffs/feedbackkthuynh41241554902690kthuynh41254153738814display-mobile-navigationNo////".... The men’s restrooms are clean, the supplies are stocked, and the trash receptacles are never overflowing onto the floor...."/plantops/services/feedback/custodialsite://Plantops/plantops/services/feedback/custodialPlantopscustodialGreat work and a friendly attitude!PlantOps Customer Feedback/The TLCC Annex bathrooms have been kept very clean. They are small and not well ventilated, but since the fall semester, they are being kept quite clean. Thanks for the good work.//The Roy Cullen Building is well maintained thanks to Bridgette’s efforts. We feel lucky to have her.//The fourth floor of SR2 has never been as clean as it is now that we have Graciela. She does a wonderful job, every day, always!//Efren has done a superb job cleaning our suite in 210 BLB. The bathroom, as well as my office and the common areas, have been taken care of very well since his arrival.//We found the Plant Ops newsletter to be very stylish and informative. This is the exact kind of thing we’ve asked for in the past several years, but didn’t know existed.//I received outstanding customer service from the Plant Ops Customer Service Center and the Lock Shop. This morning I submitted an online work request to have my office door lock repaired…a couple hours later I received a call from Carla that there would be no charge and the work could be done the same day. This is a level of customer service that all university departments should strive to achieve.//The security flood light on Parking Lot 1C was shining bright this morning at 6:00 am. Thanks for the quick attention to the problem. Please share with your colleagues.//Last week we were visited by our national reaccreditation site team. Maria worked very hard to make this ‘temporary’ facility look like it was new. She keeps faculty and student lounges very clean and well supplied. She is a big part of our success with the students and helped us pass our reaccreditation inspection with flying colors!/Standard