Capital Improvement Plan Needs Assessment User Groups

Surveys or interviews will be conducted by representatives of Facilities Planning and Construction, seeking data from College Deans and/or Department Heads as well as representative leadership from Academic Affairs or Auxiliary Services as applicable.

This survey will effectively cover 24 campus groups and be inclusive of 162 Buildings (11.6 M GSF):

  1. Architecture—Dean Patricia Oliver
  2. Athletics—Mack Rhoades
  3. Auxiliary Services—Esmeralda Valdez
  4. Business—Dean Latha Ramchand
  5. Education—Dean Robert McPherson
  6. Engineering—Dean Joseph Tedesco
  7. Honors—Dean William Monroe
  8. Hotel and Restaurant Management—Dean John Bowen
  9. Law—Dean Richard Alderman
  10. Liberal Arts and Social Sciences—Dean John Roberts
  11. Libraries—Dean Dana Rooks
  12. Natural Sciences and Mathematics—Dean Dan Wells
  13. Optometry—Dean Earl Smith
  14. Parking and Transportation—Bob Browand
  15. Pharmacy—Dean F. Lamar Pritchard
  16. Plant Operations—Emily Messa
  17. Public Safety—Malcolm Davis
  18. Social Work—Dean Ira Colby
  19. Technology—Dean William Fitzgibbon
  20. Student Affairs—Dr. Richard Walker
  21. Student Housing & Residential Life—Don Yackley
  22. Research—Dr. Rathindra Bose
  23. Real Estate Services—Sean York
  24. University Information Technology—Dennis Fouty