Facilities Service Center


As part of the Facilities Management Department, the University of Houston Facilities Service Center acts as the central point of contact and processing for facility work orders at the University. The FSC serves as liaison between campus customers, services providers, emergency responders, and building coordinators. In addition to managing work requests, the Facilities Service Center processes key requests for all applicable personnel. See hours of operation.


Facilities Management staff responds to campus-wide safety concerns, including life safety and facilities damage/usage concerns. If a non-life-threatening emergency exists, contact the Facilities Services Center at 713-743-4948.

Service Requests vs. Billable Requests

Service requests involve routine repair and maintenance of state-supported space and equipment. These requests are usually free-of-charge to departments and individuals submitting the request. Billable requests are services beyond routine maintenance and/or outside of Service Level Agreements. These requests are generally charged to the customer or department requesting the service. See list of service and billable requests.

Job Completion

The Facilities Service Center processes requests in the order that they are received. Please allow 24 hours for the Center to input the work request and provide tracking information. Some requests may take extended time to complete. Please contact the Facilities Service Center if you have any questions regarding pending requests.