Finance and Contracting

Led by Department Business Administrator George Rea, Business Services Finance and Contracting is responsible for:

  • Preparing vouchers for accounts payable processing.
  • Tracking and pays contracts for project construction.
  • Preparing annual Plant Ops departmental operating budgets.
  • Managing P-Card and Travel cards.
  • Reconciling all departmental cost centers for compliance to UH guidelines.
  • Developing and presents departmental financial reports and works with Departmental Directors regarding status of operational cost centers.
  • Managing and maintains all project construction cost centers including:
    • Fund analysis.
    • Availability of funding.
    • Budget allocations.
    • Financial reporting.
  • Recovering costs including:
    • FPC overhead.
    • FME recoverable work requests.
    • Auxiliary Service Agreements.
    • Tenant and Auxiliary utility billing.
  • Maintaining contracts database and contract log.