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Pharm.D. Advising


Information and Procedures

Appointment Policies

  • Please be mindful of your advisor’s time and other students’ time
    • If you cannot make an appointment or you are running late, please email or call your advisor as soon as possible. If you are running more than 10 minutes late without notification you may need to reschedule. 
  • If a student misses two appointments during one semester, the student will no longer be able to schedule appointments for the remainder of the semester. 
    • The student will have to attend walk-in advising when available.

Things to Consider for Walk-in Advising

  1. Walk-In Advising is best for quick questions that can be answered in 10 minutes or less.
  2. If you are on Academic Suspension, you must schedule an appointment. 
  3. If your question can be answered through email, consider emailing your advisor first. 
  4. Be on time! If you are running late or cannot make it, please notify your advisor.
  5. Be aware that certain times of the year may be busier than others. High peak times are usually at the beginning and at the end of the semester.
  6. Always check the calendar on our website for updates on times and dates.

UH Students

UH Students

Advising for UH students is offered in two formats: Walk-in Advising and Scheduled Advising Sessions.  

Walk-in Advising (for UH Students ONLY)

In the Calendar below, you will find the walk-in advising hours in RED for UH Students. 

Should you Come in for Walk-In Advising or Schedule an Appointment?

Walk-In Advising should be used for quick questions. 

Schedule an Advising Appointment if your questions or concerns require more than 15 minutes.

  • To schedule an advising appointment: contact an advisor through email to set up an appointment. 

Non-UH Students

Non-UH Students

Non-UH students are to:

  1. PharmD Interest Sessions will be conducted twice a month. Please check the appointment calendar (below) for dates and times. 

The Interest Sessions will be two hours.  

  • During the first hour, an Advisor will be present to conduct an unofficial review of your transcript(s). Please bring a copy of all unofficial transcript(s).  International coursework evaluation will not be conducted during this time.  Please review the following information pertaining to the International Coursework Evaluation Process
  • The second hour will be a presentation on the PharmD Admissions Requirements and Process.  

Register for the PharmD Interest Session HERE

  1. Follow up Non-UH Student Walk-in Advising Sessions are indicated in the calendar below.  
  • Non-UH students should ONLY come to Walk-in Advising sessions in BLUE

All Advising will take place at:

Science & Research Building 2

Room 122