Financial Aid - Pharmacy Administration

Financial Aid for Graduate Students

NOTE: As of September 2013, the Financial Aid policies described below apply to all current and future/incoming students. 

All of our students are supported with graduate assistantships (teaching, instructional or research). Students receive stipends of $25,000 per year, with a health insurance subsidy of $1,800 per year.

In addition, a Graduate Tuition Fellowship (GTF) is awarded as long as academic standards are met (see complete details at link below or in menu at left). From this income, the student pays tuition and fees, and the resulting net is approximately $20,800 per year.

Graduate Tuition Fellowship & Graduate Research Assistantships 

College Graduate Scholarships & Fellowships

University Graduate Scholarships & Fellowships*

External Scholarships & Fellowships

*University-based scholarships and fellowships are awarded through the UH Office of Graduate and Professional Studies for promising entering students of exceptional caliber. Students who receive University-based scholarships or fellowships upon admission/during first year typically are eligible to receive support over multiple years (depending on fund availability and the student continuing to meet all eligibility requirements for the specific award). 

Additional information about financial aid and tuition costs for graduate students is available from the UH Graduate Education Financial Aid site.

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