Financial Aid - Graduate Students

Graduate Tuition Fellowships & Research Assistantships

NOTE: As of September 2013, the Financial Aid policies described below apply to all current and future/incoming students. 

All of our students are supported with graduate assistantships (teaching, instructional or research). Students receive stipends of $25,000 per year, with a health insurance subsidy of $1,800 per year. In addition, a Graduate Tuition Fellowship (GTF) is awarded as long as academic standards are met (see below). From this income, the student pays tuition and fees, and the resulting net is approximately $20,800 per year.

Graduate Tuition Fellowship (GTF) 

To be eligible for a Graduate Tuition Fellowship (GTF), a graduate student must maintain a 3.00 grade point average and be employed as a graduate assistant. The college GTF will support funding for 9 SCH (semester credit hours) for fall and spring and 6 SCH for summer.  If the student enrolls in additional SCH per semester, the student assumes financial responsibility for the additional SCHs.

Continuing students must have shown satisfactory progress in the degree program as defined by the College of Pharmacy or department.

Students who enter the doctoral program with a master's degree may hold the fellowship for no more than four academic years.

Doctoral degree seeking students who enter the doctoral program directly from a baccalaureate program may hold the fellowship for no more than six academic years.

Graduate students holding the fellowship must agree not to be otherwise employed (on or off-campus). Violation of this provision will result in withdrawal of the funding during the semester in which the violation occurs.

The department graduate programs within the college will recommend graduate students to the college Graduate Education Committee for award selection according to clearly defined criteria consistent with the above and adopted by the college committee. The criteria to be used by the department and/or college selection committee(s) should be published on the appropriate websites.

The college Graduate Education Committee in conjunction with the Department Chairs, the Dean, and College Business Administrator will determine on an annual basis the number of awards based upon funds available.

Distribution of GTF positions and the number available will be reviewed as resources change.  The department chairs and graduate college committee will make recommendation to the Dean for any change in distribution of GTF and policy revisions.

Graduate Research Assistantships

The College of Pharmacy also offers limited opportunities for Graduate Research Assistantships. Please refer to the following PDF documents for addiitonal information on these programs:

Matching Graduate Research Assistant Stipends (.pdf)

First-year Graduate Research Assistantship (.pdf)

For more information about these or other college-based programs, please contact your faculty advisor or graduate program director.


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