Financial Aid - Graduate Students

UHCOP Competitive Scholarships & Fellowships

Based on funding availability in any given year, graduate students may be eligible for financial assistance through scholarships or fellowships within UH College of Pharmacy. Recipients are selected by the UHCOP Student Affairs Committee.

Each spring, applications for scholarships are solicited from all COP graduate students. A student may then submit an application for a scholarship, and the college Student Affairs Committee decides on the specific award given to a student, if any. The student will be notified of having received an award before the beginning of the fall semester.

Download/view College Pharmacy Administration scholarships and fellowships (.pdf)

How to Apply

Eligibility Criteria:

Specific eligibility criteria varies per scholarship/fellowship (refer to PDF above). 

Application Process:

  1. Applicants must complete the College of Pharmacy Scholarship Application, which will be available beginning March of each year. This application must be submitted electronically.

  2. The deadline for this application is April 1; the scholarship is for the next academic year.

  3. Students must re-apply each year for scholarships, regardless of whether they received a scholarship in the previous year.

  4. Students who complete this scholarship application will be considered for all College of Pharmacy scholarships for which they are eligible.

For questions on the application process, please contact Scott Parker

Selection Process:

  1. Recipients are selected by the College of Pharmacy Student Affairs Committee and all decisions are final. The Dean of the College of Pharmacy will have administrative control over the distributed income.

  2. Selection may be based on need, merit, extracurricular activities, and/or other criteria.

Award Process:

  1. Recipients are notified of selection in early fall. 

  2. Disbursements vary according to the type and amount of award and will be outlined in the award letter.

  3. Recipients are required to write a thank you letter. The award letter will give instructions for sending thank you letters.


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